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308 Be Like a Katydid

Oct 10, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

We are spending time looking into the skills, talents, and giftedness, that you have, to see how it could be leveraged powerfully to serve others and yourself and create a circle of flow.

Yesterday I mentioned and talked about your unique perspective in how you have lived your life.

Today, I’m talking about the second aspect of looking into what you have to offer to create a lucrative coaching business, your authenticity and relatability

When I first began teaching, I looked at the different ways.

I could set my classroom up so that students could succeed.

I wanted every student who came in to have a great opportunity to succeed.

I wanted a 100% success rate in my students, in their ability to take what I was sharing process it, and learn from it.

As I did this, I looked at all the exterior mechanisms around my classroom, the sound, the space, the organization, the cleanliness, the overall feel, and the way I delivered information.

Did it present in different ways so that different learners could grab it?

I constantly was looking at how to take care of the environment and the elements of education so that it would be perfect for my students.

After year three, going into year four, I began to look at what would be comfortable for ME.

Once I focused on what would be best for me, it was best for my whole classroom.

It shifted everything.

I realized now, and I didn’t even realize then, that what I was doing was creating an environment for me to be authentic.

Once I stopped working on all these exterior mechanisms that would be good for every student and focused on what would be best for me, my authentic delivery showed up…my authenticity, my love, my joy.

I was relaxed, I was happy.

I was more creative than before because I was happy and relaxed.

I was resourceful.

All the things that I coach you on when you step into your playfulness, I was discovered by being less analytical about all of the specific elements that needed to be present.

What I’m talking with you about today is that when people are authentic, they attract.

You will repel the people that are not for you.

They’re not interested in what you have to offer with your integrity, ] energy, and self.

You will attract the people who are aligned with you because they know what the target is.

When you’re not being authentic, when you’re trying to adjust yourself to what you think people might think or feel, which is what I was doing for the first three years.

I was still a good teacher, don’t get me wrong, but I wasn’t hitting the target because I was looking at the outside instead of looking at the inside for my delivery.

If you look into who you are and step into your way of delivering, you can’t do the wrong thing.

I can support you in discovering ways to disseminate information so different learners can hear you. 

What I want you to be taking notes on today is who you are authentically when you’re not trying to be anything, when you’re not editing.

What is your authentic nature?

Jot down the descriptors that show and reveal who you are at your core.

That authenticity is going to create relatability.

It’s going to pull the audience of people who absolutely are going to be your raving fans and people who are going to resonate with you.

When you give off a particular signal, you get a particular response.

If you’re sending a signal that’s not you, you’re going to get a bunch of different responses that aren’t aligned with you.

It’s like, I’m up in the woods at SpiritRiver and the Katydids are calling at night.

They kind of creak.

I hear one.

Then, I can hear one in the distance.

There aren’t other birds or bugs responding to their calls.

They are responding to one another, to their tribe.

I want you to think about being a Katydid when you do this exercise.

Have a beautiful day.