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309 You Have Niche Expertise

Oct 10, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

I’m talking with you about looking at your life and finding expert content that you possess from being, doing, living creating, and struggling.

I’m going over point three today, your niche experience.

I can’t figure out whether to say niche or niche, but you have specific experiences that led you to develop expertise in a particular niche!

This focus can be a powerful selling point.

It allows you to get a target-specific audience and tailor solutions to that audience.

When you look at the life you’ve lived, there are a group of people in the world who have walked a similar path but haven’t figured out what you figured out, and they struggle with it.

When you combine tools, strategies, and structures around the content of what you know, you automatically serve that group of people.

If I take my life experience, I grew up in a large family.

That’s something I learned a lot about because I had the opportunity to engage with a lot of different personalities as I was growing up.

Different things came up around that like how to be an individual within that group, how to fit in and still be an individual, how to work together and also work individually, how to get along with people that you don’t agree with, and how to problem solve.

My dad was an educator, so I grew up around the schedule and lifestyle of a tech college teacher with swimmers off, who had time to be with his family, a work ethic that he had in the summer and during the school year, and his exercise ethic.

I became a teacher.

I liked that.

I became a teacher.

I always had an understanding and a giftedness toward disseminating information that I didn’t understand.

That’s probably why I loved sharing information.

It’s probably why I went into education.

Did I get the training or did I already have an aptitude for it?

These are the types of things that you get to start skimming over and digging into in your life, the different elements that set you up.

I was the 6th child in a group of eight, a lot of individuals putting their flag down and staking out some territory in this world.

Then there’s my understanding as an artist, of the different paradigms that are spoken about it, people who are artists, and the difficulties with making money or how you get or don’t get a job doing that.

So, I have a niche that also can support people who went into a nontraditional field or a field that was considered to be difficult and navigated in that field.

I have an understanding of marketing and creating, et cetera, et cetera.

When you look at your life, what do you have as a structure that generated a niche of learning?

You may not think it’s special, but it is.

Today’s call to action for you is to go into your life, through your life, and document the uniqueness of what you have to offer based on how you came through it all.

What conditions did you create inside of?

Jot that all down.

All that information will serve a particular audience.

It’s not that you have to have one person that’s matching your life.

You can have different aspects of your life that match different people.

For example, my understanding of and experiences with navigating something that people didn’t want me to navigate, or that people suggested I don’t attempt, give me that particular niche knowledge. 

A certain group of people will be connected to that and will be served by that. 

A certain group of people will be attracted to the fact that I navigated through a career, out of a career, and into multiple businesses.

The fact that I continue to move whatever seems to be an obstacle away, melds with a group of my clients, and that’s why they’re here.

Do some discovery today and jot down the perspectives that you lived your life through.

Take note of it neutrally.

Put it in your notebook.

Have a beautiful day.