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310 Your Stories Are Worth Money

Oct 11, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching On The Go continuing to talk with you about the expertise that you have, the expert knowledge that you have from the life that you’ve lived so far, calling you forward to see how powerful that knowledge is, seeing f you’d like to step all the way in and create generate a lucrative information business from that knowledge.

We’ve been spending time in discovering of what you have so that you can own it.

The fourth point I’m bringing up to support you in your self-discovery is about transformative storytelling.

If you’ve been listening to Coaching On the Go for some time, you have heard many of my stories.

I use these stories to help you to jog something loose within yourself remember something and have an ah-ha moment.

I never tell my stories to share that I was a victim and that I’m still a victim.

If I use a story, especially a story of doom and gloom, that ends up being an educational story.

That story lets you know that there is a possibility for you.

It’s not in somebody telling you the exact information, the analytical information, it’s someone who uses an analogy to present the information that allows you to apply it and get some value from it.

It also lets people see that you are like them.

It creates relatability as well.

Storytelling is a powerful tool.

Your personal stories of growth, challenge, and success, can all inspire and motivate others.

They show people how and illustrate a way for them to take advantage of your expertise.

It makes you relatable and engaging at the same time.

That’s probably why you’re still listening to Coaching On the Go because it’s relatable it’s practical and you can use it.

There’s a human element to it because I’m sharing things that I struggled with and that I’m not perfect, but this is what I learned from it.

Those struggles have become a gift.

Your struggles can elevate you and share your giftedness.

My stories of navigating and creating something that seemed impossible could inspire you to see that it’s possible.

Years ago, I was in a network marketing company and I started quickly.

I was on this leaderboard nationally.

It was really fun and exciting.

Pretty soon I started to have a slowdown.

Some other people who had joined after me started to have massive success above what I did.

To be honest, I felt jealous.

I decided that my feeling of jealousy towards a person who was accelerating more quickly than me, wasn’t going to support me and it was pretty ugly.

So I decided to look at their success as a possibility.

If it was possible for them, it was possible for me.

It shifted something big in my life.

I use my stories when I coach in part to let you see what’s possible.

If somebody who came from here and did this can do that, then I can too.

Storytelling is a great educational tool.

I want you to look into your life, into the big stories that you have. but always end the big story with what you learned and where the story took you – the gift of the story.

I don’t tell stories anymore to let people know what a tough life I had.

I promised myself that my stories would all be to show possibility.

I drop away stories about someone doing something to me or something happening to me.

The stories are purely to inspire.

What stories of inspiration do you have available from your life experience?

There are likely hundreds, but pull out the main ones and throw them in your notebook.

This will be ongoing.

As you are teaching something, you will have ongoing stories of experiences you had that can support the person that you’re teaching in moving ahead and moving forward.

Have a beautiful day.