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316 What Diversity Can You Offer?

Oct 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

In my lifetime, through the experiences that I have created and been fascinated with, I have a mass of skill sets available.

Within that, I have different content areas that can support not everybody in the universe, but a group of people who will benefit from the things that I’ve experienced, and that I’m able to teach.

Because of that, I have a wide range of expertise.

I can offer a wide range of services or products or possibilities for people because of that diversity.

It’s leading me to multiple streams of income within my own business.

Here’s an example.

I started by giving online shows.

I didn’t even know what I was going to offer.

I knew that I wanted to teach.

I knew I wanted to share ideas with people that would liberate their creative thinking, their creativity, and what they had to offer.

I felt this pain throughout my life of wanting to support people in becoming the biggest version of themselves.

I felt that pain myself, figured out how to liberate myself, to have multiple things going on, multiple businesses and engage in many different things at one time, because I’m a big thinker.

I knew other people around me were also big thinkers who would benefit from being liberated the way I liberated myself.

I began to look at offering online shows.

I got coaching and I offered my first practice shows.

Eventually, people who were interested in the things I was offering would pay a little bit of money to come into a VIP segment and get some additional coaching.

Some of those people wanted more information from me about how I did what I did.

I began to coach those people one on one.

Over time, I realized there were small groups of people who had things in common and benefitted from each other.

There was a synergy between participants.

I started offering Pod coaching.

I had a dream of having face-to-face opportunities with people.

I had a background in environmental sciences, self-taught, and environmentally connecting with spirit through the environmental plane.

So this year, for the first time, I offered my first face-to-face retreat.

The results of that retreat are already expanding into retreats that are offered quarterly.

With that as an example, just a simple example, you can see how the skills I have as an artist, a teacher, and a problem solver are starting to create more and more possibilities in streams of income.

I now am starting to offer, with a couple of my clients, content creation programs because I’m great at content.

I’m not only supporting people in thinking about what they have to offer, but how to put that together into a course or how to put it together in an online class or a book.

One thing leads to the next and leads to the next.

What I’m asking is, what skill sets do you have?

How do those lend themselves to income earning for you and serve others?

I talked to a client today who’s got all sorts of different healing modalities within her that she demonstrates regularly.

My question to her was, “How can you share this with the world?”

“Where can you find some space to offer some of these modalities to people?”

“How can you offer a subscription for people?”

And right away there’s a business forming.

That’s an aptitude I have to share with people that I didn’t realize I had years ago.

I have business aptitudes that add to the diversification of the offerings that I can share with people.

I don’t just have ideas about creating and creativity, but how to market those ideas and how to create content and market the content.

Then with my educational background, I can coach people on coaching.

What do you have?

What do you have access to within you?

What have you done throughout your life so far?

What have you become good at?

What have you taught yourself how to do?

What could you teach others to do?

People can come and go out of your life.

You can share something that can propel them forward.

What give or serve do you have within you that also can lead to a diversification of offerings, to a unique business proposition?

What products or services do you have within your skill set, depending on your expertise?

What do you have that you could offer someone one-on-one,

or in a group,

or a workshop,

or a session once a week

or in an online course

or a small pod coaching group

or an online Zoom?

What do you have?

Take a look.

You know how I love to audit.

It’s time for you to audit your expertise and start brainstorming the different types of products and possibilities that you could offer as a business.

Have a beautiful day.