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317 Finding Avenues to Promote Your Ideas

Oct 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

What do you have in the form of understandings for marketing and outreach and connectivity with other people outside of yourself?

To get a business up off the ground to market any skill or gift that you have, you have to have effective marketing and outreach.

Years ago, I was leaving without knowing at the time, my teaching profession, and I enrolled in a network marketing company.

As I started to learn how that network marketing company operated, it asked me to learn systems.

A variety of social media systems, communication platforms, and ways to market were presented to me that I hadn’t experienced before.

I was using things that I had some experience with in different ways than I ever had before.

Then I took on another position with a different company and because of the understanding I learned and the adaptability I learned when I joined the network marketing company to think differently and respond differently, I had a skill set for that next position.

I continued to expand on that skill set over time.

Whenever people ask me to investigate something, I openly say, “Yes!” and I go investigate.

I have learned through all the different programs I’ve engaged with, the different systems for communicating globally, locally, for advertising, and for getting the word out on what you have.

As I’ve entered bigger circles of people, I continue to learn more about the communication systems that I can use for outreach and marketing.

Outreach and marketing are critical to creating a communication business.

How are you at utilizing the tools that are around you?

What different rules, structures, and regulations do you have set up that either allow you to learn or keep you from adopting and adapting, learning and expanding?

I ask this because a lot of the people in my community have put in a whole career before they get into their late fifties.

Many want to produce or navigate into their own business based on what they learned and understood in life.

Yet sometimes they have rules and structures that are keeping them from the learning that it takes to do so.

How do you feel about social media?

How do you feel about content marketing and email marketing?

How do you feel about connecting with somebody every single day?

How do you feel about networking and stepping outside of the groups that you’ve been in forever?

How do you feel about discovering the groups that will have the participants that need what you have to offer?

Today, I want you to audit the way that you communicate in your world right now.

What would it take from you to become a marketing and outreach specialist around your giftedness?

What skills do you already possess that allow you to communicate and enroll people in what you have, and in what you want to create in life?

So today, take an audit of the skill sets that you have, and the platforms and tools that you know about that you can market with.

Then take an audit of the rules and structures that you have set up within yourself.

Do they allow you to navigate new ideas, new possibilities, new ways of doing things?

Or are they antiquated?

Do you hear yourself saying things like, “I don’t do this and I don’t do that?”

All right, have a beautiful day.