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318 Why Your Curiosity Has Created Value

Oct 25, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching On The Go talking with you today about the last twelve points I’ve been making, to have you consider if you have a lucrative information or coaching business sitting within you from your life, from the life that you’ve lived and experienced so far.

Today we’re down to the last point I want to make with you.

It is about you as a continuous, lifelong learner.

If you have a mindset of constant, never-ending growth, you always have content available to share with others, to create value for other people.

As you have steeped yourself in getting better and better at the life you’re living, the business that you have created, the aptitudes that you share, you have a body of content.

You may not know how to produce it into an information business, but I do.

One of my previous incarnations is as a public high school teacher and I like achieving on a high level, so when they offered this Master Teacher certification, I jumped in and I mastered it.

I earned what most teachers aren’t able to earn, an understanding and an acknowledgment of my understanding of how to move someone from point A to point B with content and delivery systems.

You have a life that you’ve created of investigation and possibility and creating.

If you are a continuous learner, you have been steeped over the years in workshops, online learning, books, reading, courses, classes, and your investigation of topics.

You’ve been fascinated with it so that you can navigate and continue to succeed.

Within that life of continuous learning and growing, you have lessons that are teachable and valuable to other human beings.

So, I’m asking you to take an audit of where you’ve invested in your own personal and professional development over time:

-The ways that you’ve done it

-The mechanisms that you’ve created for your success

-How you’ve learned about that over time

-How it shifted

-What value you could bring other human beings

Who is interested in that same group of topics that relates to your journey of learning and growing?

If you are a constant learner, you are a great candidate for creating a content-based program and information business that you can either have an extra strategy to sell to another company as an asset or for the next ten or 15 years of your life into retirement, keeping you engaged in an area that you were always fascinated with and now you are an expert in.

The last point is to take note of the type of learner and grower¬†you’ve been because that’s a big asset in creating a content-driven business.

Tomorrow I’ll come back and wrap this all up for you and give you a connection with a link where we can do some investigating to see if you are sitting on top of an incredible opportunity for yourself in an information-generating, coaching business that can look any way you want, depending on what you have to offer.

You’ve created it over time.

You have gone to your university and educated yourself, and created an asset you can either just lie flat when you leave your career and enter another chapter or you can do something with it because it’s an asset.

Have a beautiful day.