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319 What Are You Willing to Do With What You Have?

Oct 25, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

I have spent the last couple of weeks talking with you, so you could look within yourself and see what expert content you have within yourself from living the life that you’ve chosen, the exact path you’ve taken and the different things you’ve been fascinated with, as well as the challenges you’ve navigated to get through, to succeed over and over again in your life.

We’ve looked at:

-your unique perspective

-your authenticity and the way that people can relate to you based on who you are

-the experience you have in your niche from the way you’ve lived and what you’ve created

-the way that you tell your story

-your ability to solve problems.

-your empathy towards people and your understanding of the world based on your experience.

-the solutions that you’ve created and tailored specifically to your life to get you where you are now.

-the personal brand that you own in the way that you conduct yourself through the story and the momentum that you’ve created over time

– the testimonials and social proof that you’ve created in the successes you have put into this world and the things that you’ve done, the differences that it’s made for people

-the diversification of offerings based on the information that you have and the different ways that you can deliver what you know.

– the marketing and outreach strategies you have through living the life you have, the social media channels, and the digital marketing channels, how you communicate with others.

– your belief systems and how they open up or limit you to taking advantage of the internal expertise that you have

– your ability to be continuously learning and fascinated and growing around what you’ve been engaging with in your life so far.

Success is information or a coaching business that’s waiting to be put out to other people.

It’s a combination of your expertise, your communication, and your desire to help others, if you want to leave a legacy, if you create another chapter and an additional asset or income in your life by leveraging your life experiences and expertise.

You have a powerful foundation to create a business that’s not only generating income, but that can make a positive impact on the lives of other people.

What do you have after these two weeks of investigating?

What are you sitting on right now and are you interested in discovering what you can do with that?

I’m putting a link into my calendar here today so that you can get on a call with me.

We can do some discovery and see if you are a good fit to create a business from the expertise you possess from your life up to now and talk about what you can do with that expert knowledge and how you can leverage it to step into the next chapter of your life or add another stream of income to your life.

Or just serve people on a high level with what you spent your lifetime learning to understand.

Have a beautiful day.