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321 What Tricks Do You Use to Keep Yourself From Your Next Level?

Nov 4, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

All sorts of interesting and tricky systems make themselves available when you go to stretch to your next level.

It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are.

The more intelligent you are and the more savvy you are, the more complex and ingenious the systems are that want to keep you from stepping into your next level.

I had a client who quickly became a client and stopped becoming a client recently, who stepped into the program super confidently and within a day was questioning everything.

This is a classic example of some of the mechanisms that can keep you from your next level.

And they look like many things.

They look like a reason you shouldn’t trust what you just did or there’s some outside evidence that’s making you question your decision and pretty soon all you’re doing is questioning your decisions.

It sabotages the whole possibility of the coaching if you can’t become open and neutral and in discovery about the mechanisms that are being presented to you by you.

You know you, so your being knows what complex ways it can keep you from a potentially uncomfortable situation.

This week I’m just going to talk about a number of the things, and it may spill into next week, that can keep you in a rational way from going to your next level.

I’m going to present some of the reasons why fear can be elusive and masquerade as other feelings or behaviors.

This is so valuable because a lot of people will find themselves doing something over and over and over again, like finding fault outside of themselves or saying they’re a perfectionist or saying they know this already, or saying that they’re a procrastinator.

There are so many things I’m going to get into here.

But all of these things are just ways that your being, in a very tricky way, can keep you from the discovery that you need to get to the next level.

And they all are real and feel real.

Take notes on these as we go through them so you can engage in discovery about whether you do these things or say these things.

Because this discovery is a step to your next level.

I’ll use this example.

I was in a high-level coaching program and I decided to be a volunteer coach in.

Right away, I felt as though there was a lot of nitpicking and judgment.

I felt like I was being unfairly targeted, put on the spot, and made to feel uncomfortable.

I thought that it was remedial and just beneath me.

I felt like it was trivial in a way because it was nitpicking.

I decided that I didn’t have time for it and I wasn’t going to expose myself to it and¬†went to quit.

I talked to another coach who was the head of all the coaches for a different training in the same high-level coaching program.

I knew that there was a higher level for me.

I knew there was something there I was getting caught up on.

She talked with me about her experiences there.

I decided that I was up for the challenge of stepping in and facing whatever it was that was making me so uncomfortable, unnerved, and triggered because the coaches in there cared so much about me that they were willing to put me on the spot and help me discover these inconsistencies that I was revealing between where I wanted to go and how I was acting, how I was being, how I was conducting myself.

I went back in with a different attitude.

My attitude was one of curiosity and listening to the feedback and knowing that the people there, the coaches, cared so much about the constant forward movement of everybody in there that they were willing to get uncomfortable with me or anybody else who wasn’t performing at that highest level so there could be discovery and expansion.

When I went back in there with that curiosity and resourcefulness, it changed everything.

I learned big things about myself and about the defense mechanisms I had that were keeping me from the next level out of past stories.

I had a very defensive characteristic that would show up when someone was going to question what I did.

There was a story that was real behind it.

I had been criticized a lot over time and I developed this big shield.

When somebody was making a gentle suggestion to me, it didn’t feel gentle, it felt like a criticism and like it was done personally.

I’m telling you this example because by humbling myself and looking at the people who were there to help me, the coaches who were there to help me, I asked myself, “Why would a coach be there to criticize me?”, then I looked at things in a different perspective and I was able to receive and look like I was outside of myself as if I was looking down on my own life.

This allowed me to lock arms with my coaches and look and find something so I could have a big “AHA!” and expand forward.

My goal for the next two weeks with you is to help present these different reasons, feelings, and behaviors that your being so intelligently has created for you to keep you from facing uncomfortable feelings.

It’s in facing these feelings and behaviors and stepping through and beyond them, that you get to your next level.

That’s what we’re here for.

That’s what you’re in this community for.

-To go to the next level

-To go to the place you’ve never been before in your business with your big ideas.

Because whenever you go to level up to a place you haven’t been before, these mechanisms present themselves.

The faster you understand these are going to show up and you know how to deal with these things, the more you’re going to continue to be able to keep moving into your higher-level vision.

You won’t be stuck!

You won’t be constantly having these repetitive behaviors that show up to protect you.

Stay tuned for the next twelve days or so of Monday through Friday content as I take you through to take a look, without judgement, to find things that you can work on to open you to the next level.

Sending you love.