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322 If You’re Scared, You’re On The Right Track

Nov 6, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

Today’s coaching is simple and it’s about fear.

Fear is a natural survival instinct.

It’s designed to keep you from potential threats and pain.

It’s a protective mechanism.

Thank you for the protection, FEAR!

It also pops up oftentimes and is not founded.

You have a lot of experiences in your life over time, over decades, as you live your life, you have had things happen that weren’t unexpected or you felt some pain, or you had repercussions on a decision or you didn’t go all in on something, perhaps and it fell through, or you got navigated differently.

There are all sorts of meanings to those stories, but one thing is for sure.

When you’re expanding to the next level, you are always stepping into some level of the unknown.

To be somewhere you’ve never been before is to step into trust and then walk into that new space and rely on all of your resources to navigate that new space.

There are a variety of techniques that I teach you over time that many of you are using that take you forward into your future so that when you get there, you’re not completely unfamiliar.

Fear is a normal part of the expansion process.

If you don’t understand that, you will quit many times just before your big breakthrough.

I talk to the billionaires that I know.

I have several billionaire friends and they tell me that fear is part of every day for them because they’re pushing the edges.

Fear shows up in many different ways.

I’m going to continue talking this week about it, but for today, I want you to think about fear and consider reframing it.

Fear could be a road sign that you’re entering the unknown.

Think of when you go into a house of horrors at Halloween or when you’re going on an amusement park ride that you’ve never gone on.

There’s some level of fear in there because you don’t know what’s going to happen, but it’s also excitement.

What would it look like if you channeled your apprehension or fear and thought of it as excitement, excitement about the unknown?

What would it look like if you knew, and you do know, that you have a toolbox of tools that can support you in being resourceful in navigating that situation?

So today you’re looking at fear and I want you to soften it and look at it as part of the expansion process.

Have a beautiful day.