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323 Why You Wanna Be Uncomfortable

Nov 6, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

I’m talking for the next two weeks or so about the ways that you cleverly hide your fear.

Today’s point is about your comfort zone.

Tony Robbins talks about our comfort zone being like the thermostat in your home where if you go a couple of degrees to one side or the other, your being is not comfortable and you work to go back to it.

People who try to lose weight often end up back where they were because they’re comfortable there and their habits support it.

There have been shows where they have a millionaire, throw him into a new community with $500 and a certain amount of time and he becomes a millionaire again.

When you’re going to expand to another level, you cannot stay in your comfort zone.

If you are looking to have the same level of comfort and safety you’ve always had, you’re going to go back and default to where you’ve been in the past.

That’s why you see people who are in lives that aren’t wonderful, but they’re used to that life.

They keep attracting that life over and over again, attracting those bad relationships, attracting situations where they’re not valued for what they do, attracting not having enough abundance, or conversely, attracting abundance, attracting good things, attracting amazing relationships and friends.

Your comfort zone is a really important part of your attraction point, and it also is asking you constantly to maintain it.

So however you introduce yourself, whatever you think of yourself, whatever feelings that you’re used to having in your day, those are all things that you continue to attract unless you allow yourself to step outside of what you’ve become accustomed to, which can be scary.

It’s necessary to get to another level.

You’re in this community because you know there’s something more for you.

You’re not sure why you’re not in it yet, but you know there’s a higher level for you.

You have to get used to stepping outside of your comfort zone and being comfortable with discomfort.

How easy is that?

It’s not.

But if you know that it’s one of the road signs to your being able to get to the next level, then you can become knowing of it.

You can use some of the techniques that I talked with you about in previous coaching where you are visualizing and feeling and experiencing the future you haven’t experienced yet.

Then you get used to those feelings.

You get used to the scenario that you’re going to get delivered into.

Years ago, Tiger Woods talked about the Masters and the last hole of the Masters.

And they asked him how it felt, and he said he had visualized it many, many times before.

It happened just like he visualized it.

Cary Grant, one of my favorite old actors, said he used to be awkward.

And at some point, he imagined himself and saw himself as a sophisticated gentleman.

And at some point, that’s who he was.

He thought it and became it.  

When you read the books and research people who have continued to expand and attract new things in their lives, this is something they have in common.

They understand how to step out of their comfort zone  and the the importance of being comfortable in the uncomfortable, so they can step into their next level without feeling threatened, knowing that it’s part of the expansion process.

Today, why don’t you take a look at where you get uncomfortable?

Where are you falling short when you go to step into your next size?

What kind of habits do you pull out?

What kind of excuses do you pull out when you are threatened to step outside your comfort zone?

What self-talk shows up?

Get curious!

Have a beautiful day.