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325 How To Quickly Kill Your Progress

Nov 8, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

I continue to take you through the pretend things that human beings do to hide their fear.

Today I’m talking about negative self-talk.

When you were a little kid, go back and imagine a time and place where you were playing and the environment was so open that your creativity was in the genius category.

There was an article recently that somebody shared with me from the community that showed that 98% of children scored as geniuses.

As they got older and went to school, fewer and fewer registered as geniuses.

Their ability to be creative went down consistently as they went through school.

I do not like hearing about this because I was a past teacher.

But as an art teacher, my room was highly creative.

I set people up to be able to take risks without feeling like they were putting themselves up for a negative experience.

How is your internal environment?

Do you have a space where you can take risks?

It can seem like you stepped in the wrong direction, but you can look at it and adjust it without judgment, with neutrality, and in a nurturing way.

Fear can manifest as negative self-talk or criticism.

This inner dialogue can create a false narrative that hinders your progress and keeps you stuck in familiar patterns.

That’s the downside.

If you feel fear, fear of failure, or fear of what’s possible that’s keeping you from your next journey you might see it in your life right now as an internal self-talk that’s not positive.

Audit today.

See if negative self-talk or criticism is one of the things that you find yourself dealing with daily and identify it as possible evidence you’re scared. 

And it’s okay.

I’m scared every day of my next level, I continue to use the tools.

When I find myself in negative self-talk, I turn those statements around on my behalf in my favor.

If I find myself complaining about the world, talking with a friend, talking with my partner Mike, or talking with my parents, complaining, I look at what’s going on inside of myself.

Is the internal environment between my ears conducive to playfulness, creativity, and joy or am I focused in a direction that’s not going to take me where I want to go?

Have a beautiful day.