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328 How to Keep Your Vision Blurry

Nov 13, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne, with your Coaching On The Go continuing to talk about the different ways that fear shows up in your life.

Today’s topic is about overwhelming indecision.

I brought this up a little bit yesterday because often people go into procrastination out of overwhelm.

When you get faced with significant opportunities or challenges, does fear overwhelm you in the form of overwhelm and indecision and the feeling of being stuck and that prevents you from taking action?

Do you stop yourself before a big next opportunity, or do you stop yourself, feeling like it’s more than you can handle?

That’s a big deal if you’re going to your next level, and this happens regularly.

There get to be strategies that you have that can walk you through.

Now, yesterday I spoke of a strategy where you look into the energy that’s engulfing you when you’re just about ready to say that you’re overwhelmed.

(I would highly suggest that you just say, I’m feeling overwhelmed because feelings can come and go. Feelings can travel through you.  Instead of identifying yourself as overwhelmed. If you’re mentioning it as a feeling, it gives it a doorway to continue to flow out of indecision as well.)

I talked about a client a few weeks ago that came into the program and within a day was questioning everything.

What I saw from her were all of the things that I’m talking about here, protective mechanisms, trying to preserve her comfort zone, avoiding being vulnerable about the truth of what was going on, perfectionism, procrastination, judgment, self-sabotage, all sorts of things.

But in the midst of it also came this indecision.

When you make a decision, do you stick with it?

That’s what successful people do.

They stick with it with confidence.

They have such a powerful decision-making muscle that when they get a hunch about it and go with it, they don’t second guess it.

They also know that a part of them is going to question every time they go to do something next level.

When you get to that point where you’re feeling indecisive, but you already made a decision on your behalf, what would it look like to stay focused on your target and to stay focused on knowing that you’re going to that target?

Indecision and overwhelm is such a big deal because the energy it takes you to flounder back and forth is also causing your energy field that’s communicating with God, God Force, the quantum field, all of creation, to be wobbly.

You’re in a collaborative co-creative universe.

And if your signal is wishy-washy, what do you think you’re going to get?

What kind of results do you think you’re going to be getting when you’re second-guessing your decisions?

What kind of message is that sending out into the quantum field?

Is it sending out a message of decisiveness, of interest?

Or is it sending out a message of indecision, possible disinterest?

Is your target is blurry?

When you’re shooting right at the target and you’re talking about it, thinking about it, feeling it, expressing it, then the information that you’re getting is really concise towards that target.

If you are hemming and hawing about your decision, you’re allowing all sorts of other information.

Because you’re in a collaborative field, the field doesn’t care what you’re thinking about.

It will bring you information to match it or to satisfy it.

If you have indecision, it will bring more information to back up your indecision.

If it’s focused, it’s going to bring more information to take you toward that focused target.

Today’s discussion of what fear looks like, is about overwhelm and indecision.

Do you feel overwhelmed at times?

Are you indecisive at times?

It behooves you to tighten this up, to use the tools and techniques that I share with you in the coaching to identify whether you’re starting to feel overwhelmed or you’re feeling indecisive, and to use the tools to step through it.

Part of you wants to stay in that comfort zone.

The sooner you get used to dealing with each of these ways fear pops up, the faster you’ll continue navigating forward toward the powerful vision that you came here to create.

Have a beautiful day.