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331 Why You Are Exhausted

Nov 15, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching On The Go, talking about your fears.

There’s so much information inside of your fear.

Each time I experience one, I can find out so many things that move me forward and propel me to my Vision.

There’s a gift waiting to be opened inside of each fear.

Today I am talking about the fear of falling short in comparison to others.

It can disguise itself as competitiveness or a constant need for external validation.

This fear of not measuring up can drive unhealthy striving.

Do you find yourself exhausted where you can hardly catch your breath because you’re so busy trying to impress or do something perfectly, or thoroughly, or succeed at something so that you can get feedback from the outside world that you’re great?

That is a characteristic of a person who is comparing themselves to others.

You have no one to compare yourself to, but you.

You are a unique being in this universe.

You are here for unique things.

You get to look at yourself and what you want to create.

Nobody is living the life that you are.

Nobody has experienced exactly what you’ve experienced.

So if you find yourself wanting to compare yourself to others, there’s no one else to compare you to.

Remember, it’s out of a fear of falling short.

It disguises itself as this competitiveness or a constant striving so that you can hear from outside, that you’re good enough.

You get to know you ARE from the inside.

As I’ve talked with you about fears and how they show up, a lot of the characteristics are found in people who are looking outside of themselves for something.

When you stop doing that and you look within, then you don’t need anything on the outside.

I used to wonder why I was alone so often.

I just wondered.

I even asked the question out loud, “Why am I always alone?”

Once I discovered that I was with me, that I was great company, and that I was fascinating.

I asked myself, “How lucky would I be to be my own best friend?”

I stopped looking outside of myself for the things that I already had within.

A deep satisfaction came over me.

I never feel lonely anymore.

I never feel like I have to find something to fill a part of me that’s missing.

Today, I want you to think about what you have within yourself that fulfills you and sustains you to the point where you don’t have to compare yourself to anybody else.

There’s NOBODY like you.

You are a one-of-one.

You have a beautiful day.