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343 Do You Like Autonomy And Independence?

Dec 5, 2023 | Uncategorized

I’ve talked with you for a few Coaching On The Go segments about how challenging it can be to have a business, to have your own entrepreneurial thing going.

And I say that to you because I want to acknowledge the challenges.

I want to acknowledge the courage that it takes.

It’s not a cakewalk at times, it’s not easy at times.

So this week now, I want to shift over and talk about satisfaction.

Why would anybody leave a career where they’re getting automatic money every week or every two weeks for working for somebody else when they could work for themselves?

Why would you want to work for yourself?

There’s a lot of satisfaction in it.

I remember when I was a teacher feeling like, oh, I want to create my own thing, I want my own schedule.

I can’t stand working for somebody else.

I had to shift that while I was working for somebody else to acknowledge how I had a job based on what somebody else had created.

That I didn’t have to worry about where my paycheck was going to come from, et cetera, et cetera.

But down deep, I wanted to dive off the ledge and experience what it would be like to create all of my own things.

And so now I’m in the satisfaction of it in addition to being in the challenges of it.

And one of the great satisfactions is the autonomy and independence that I have.

It’s one of the most satisfying aspects of having my own business. I make my own decisions.

I set the direction for my life, I shape the direction of my business.

That can be a source of nervousness as well because there’s a lot of responsibility there.

But I find it deeply satisfying that I am the one in my life that is in the power position of making the decisions.

That if I don’t like something, I am the one who gets to change it.

It is not outside of myself. If you don’t have a business right now or you are partway into your business.

I want you to make note of the importance of your autonomy as an intelligent human being.

How important is that to you?

What are the feelings that come up when you think about your ability to come and go as you please?

And move freely and determine what you want in your life.

For many people, they fight for this freedom for decades, and then when they have it, they pine away for the security of the structure they had before.

When you step out into your own business, you have to get to land why is it that it is so satisfying?

Because it’s challenging.

It’s hard work.

Your mind, if you don’t manage it, can completely sabotage you.

So you must lock into the benefits of having your own business and ride on those.

Today I want you to take an audit within yourself.

If you have a business already of how good it feels to be running your own show.

We’ve shifted away from the challenges and the courage it takes.

And we’re just stepping purely into vision this week as we talk about the satisfaction of running your own business.

How does it feel today to be running your own business?

And if you’re on your way to it, how is it beginning to feel that you are stepping away from the comfort zone of someone else creating for you?

And you are stepping into a fully autonomous life of complete independence.

And if you feel like you are dependent or resentful of your business because it’s causing you to work harder than you wished.

I want you to lock into the beauty of the freedom that you have right now.

Lock into the understanding that you get to choose what your workday looks like, and how it looks.

And if you don’t like it, you get to shift it and lock it in there, breathe it in, and give yourself a hug.

And a pat on the back for being one of the few people in this world who’s not relying on somebody else to set their destiny.

Have a beautiful day.