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36 Happy Sad Happy Holidays

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, it’s Anne with SpiritRiver Coaching on the Go. Happy holidays. Whatever holidays you’re celebrating, I want to give you some coaching today around being present in the moment and what’s available right now, versus getting so nostalgic about your past that you’re in the past, and you actually become overwhelmed by it. At the holiday, at Christmas I can dive into some Christmas music and feel the joy and then feel some pain.

There was an Abraham Hicks audio years ago that talked about when we’re thinking of loved ones and we feel pain, that’s us disconnecting ourselves from the ever present communication that we have with loved ones that are not in the physical anymore. So as we get towards December 23rd, that’s the day that one of my favorite people in the universe left the physical world, my grandfather. He always made Christmas really special. He was a German baker, and he baked and made lots of incredible foods for our extended family up to the year that he passed.

So I could get entangled in that feeling of missing, and remembering that audio and the fact that when we are missing and feeling a gap, it’s us disconnecting from our own connection with those loved ones. I decided to plug back in and have a conversation with my grandpa, and I feel him here. And I think back on all the people that have spent incredible holidays around me and with me, and how blessed, what a blessed life.

So as we jump into the continued part of the holiday, I just want to encourage you to enjoy the memories, the really beautiful foundational memories of your past and be wide open to what you’re creating today in this holiday season; what you’re giving, what you’re receiving, what you’re sharing, what you’re experiencing. And take the time to really bask in the love that’s available to you.

And as we head into 2022, I’m doing a bunch of events around vision, compelling vision that draws you forward into an engaged, incredible life. If you’re not living in that, stay tuned, the coaching for January and the end of December is going to be around creating an authentic and compelling vision. Happy holidays, love to you. Thank you for being in this community. I’m committed to serving you and giving what I have to you on the highest level. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. Have a beautiful holiday with your family and whatever you’re doing. Click reply on this, keep it simple for yourself. I’d love to hear from you today.