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38 Yippee! Not What I Wanted

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Good morning, it’s Anne with Coaching on the Go. I’m whispering today because I’m staying overnight at my son’s house, and so I get to talk about the Coaching on the Go like it’s a secret, which will really make you pay attention because when there’s a secret, you have to listen. So today’s Coaching on the Go is relating a little bit to what we talked about last time, when somebody in your life is not in your proximity, or things are not going as you wished and you have some level of estrangement. I’m going to expand that coaching to situations that are occurring in your life that aren’t going the way you planned at this moment, things that are not seeming to be going your way.

And so we’re going to apply the same principles over there, because it’s the same thing. We get an opportunity to grow constantly, and the experiences we’re having that don’t come easy or they don’t fall right into the place of our understanding, those are our opportunities to really step forward. And I believe, at this point in my life, that every time we do something new, the things that pop up in front of us are just the things that we still need to learn to get to the thing that we’ve been asking for, or the goal that we set out for ourselves.

So now I look at those things as they’re kind of on my to do list, there’s something that I need to process. So if it’s a situation that you need to walk away from, that can be a lesson, a lesson of valuing self. If it’s something that’s difficult or a resistance that keeps coming up when you’re trying something, that seems to be preventing you from your dream or goal, there’s something there that you need to process or learn to become big enough to step into the next scenario that you’re wanting.

So if you look at the gap between where you are now and who you are, the skills you’d have to have, the qualities you would have to possess to be the next incarnation of yourself, to actually be able to handle what you’ve wished for or asked for. To me, it’s like we’re in an obstacle course, and the obstacles in front of us we have to get through, over, around, because they’re sitting there for a reason. They’re sitting there for our expansion.

So I just want to give you coaching today, I wanted to give you the coaching around thinking differently about the things that aren’t quite working in your life the way you think they should. Those are simply incredible opportunities for expansion. In some cases, they’re for us to be able to be accepting that we’re not going to particularly control something, and the way that we’re going to control the situation is by choosing the way that we respond to it, and allowing the difference between what we wanted and what we have to be… We can allow that to be in our realm and be okay.

And in other cases, taking an opportunity to expand, and then we’ve expanded in that realm too, if we’re learning to continue to have a beautiful life and accept that something is not going to be the way we thought. And often we’re being rerouted in that circumstance to a better pathway to the thing that we’re wanting in life. It’s interesting the way we’re navigated, and we’re often navigated perfectly for our own personality, how we handle things. And I’ll get into that more another time, in another coaching. So today, I want you to think of the things that are challenges to you and ask, inside those challenges, what is there that you get to learn so that you can continue forward towards the goals and aspirations that you’ve laid out or asked for? Happy day, I love you. Have a beautiful day.