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381 Do You Reward Yourself By Spending?

Jan 31, 2024 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

I’m spending some time talking with you in a different way about things that you do to treat yourself, that can get over and above a basic treat or basic self-care and they can become an indulgence or something that is deterring you because you don’t have a handle on them.

They become essentially a bad habit.

Today I’m talking about money.

This could be you.

This might not be you.

I’m going through various topics to touch on those that will cause you to reflect and make shifts.

If you’re somebody who finds yourself frustrated, going to do some shopping and ordering things online, or setting up expensive outings, or throwing fate to the wind and deciding you deserve this blankety-blank and it’s putting a strain on your finances, financial stress can then become a roadblock block to your next level.

It can become a block to achieving your financial goals and aspirations.

This is another example of something that normally wouldn’t seem like it could block you from your biggest vision.

Americans are said to not want to talk about sex, money, or politics because they’re stressful.

Let’s talk about money in this community.

Some people in this community are struggling with their paradigms around money and the way they spend it.

Today, I’m asking you to take time to look at if spending is a treat for yourself, a reward, and if it becomes an overindulgence.

Look at this today.

I’m not talking about spending that you are doing to support your business and its business expansion.

If you’re having issues with how to spend money on business, I’m continuing to have speakers come in and talk and educate you on good debt and good spending that’s going to bring additional income and revenue versus debt on items that you’re buying that aren’t going to create any value for you.

So take some time to assess if you reward yourself or treat yourself through buying “stuff”.

Have a beautiful day.