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39 Celebrate…Rejuvenate

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, it’s Anne with your Coaching on the Go. Oh, I just had the most incredible experience over the weekend. I finished up the ten speaker event that we had last week and I was a little spent. Sometimes I’m so engrossed in the process that I even forget to eat or drink anything, I almost forget to move around. And once it’s over, then I get this opportunity for regeneration. So often, for me… Where do you go to regenerate? What do you do? I hit my kitchen and I do some baking, because in there I connect with my loved ones who aren’t with me in the physical anymore. My grandfather was a German baker, some of my aunts.

You can feel it, you can feel the presence there. I know that they’re with me all the time, but in the kitchen is where I have the most pure communication. Just like for some people, when they pray. The best place, my aunt always said, for her to pray was in her church, although she could go anywhere. For me, it’s up in the woods at SpiritRiver. So when I want to do some powerful connecting, I go to a certain place. I wonder where you go to do your powerful connecting?

In the kitchen the other day, I created German sausage soup, and I made some apple kugel, a recipe from my grandpa’s bakery. And as I make the streusel and I make certain aspects of the cake, I just feel like my grandfather’s hands are within my hands and we’re doing that together. The enjoyment is simultaneously all of ours, and it’s a co-creative process. Then I took that over to my mom and dad’s house, I have dinner for them. They’re 97 and 87. We’re in the extra rounds, you know, like the bonus at the end of the concert where you get the encores, but we’re still making new memories.

So I slept over there, and when I left this morning, I just felt fabulous. I had such an incredible almost 24 hours of focusing on connection for me. So it’s never too late to make new memories, and it’s never wasted when you go and you engulf yourself in the most beautiful thoughts and memories you ever had in your life and you let those effervesce through your experience, in a level of appreciation for your life. That’s something that I do to recharge myself. It’s not a wallowing in the past, wishing I had what was back there. It’s a bringing forward of the best, the greatest hits, and continuing forward with that momentum.

So I hope this is interesting for you today, valuable. Pop into the Instagram and let me know. Some of you aren’t in Instagram, I want to encourage you to get there. It’s beautiful. It’s like a book of pictures that you can get stories with, and it’s a really beautiful platform for positivity. So I want to encourage you to jump in. If you haven’t done it, to try it, expand yourself, jump into the Instagram and tell me what you do to connect with the greatest hits in your life, to create incredible momentum, to shift forward to the area of high level appreciation. Love to you.