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40 Celebrate…Rejuvenate Part 2

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, it’s Anne with your SpiritRiver Coaching on the Go. I’m just going to piggyback on our last coaching, where we discussed celebrating after you’re done completing something. What are you doing to put some space between the end of an event or the completion of something that you wanted to do, that you got to finish, and your next challenge? And yesterday, last coaching, we ended up navigating into a place where I go to rejuvenate, and there are many places we can go. So I want you to, today, think about different ways that you restore yourself. And it can be when you’re tired, but it could be to reset. It could be that you develop a practice for celebration at the end of events, or at the end of something challenging that you accomplished, that you feel like personally, in your own definition of success, you succeeded at. Or even maybe you didn’t succeed to the level you wished, but a way to package up the end of something, so you can open to the beginning of the next thing.

So here’s some ideas. To make a list of the things that really were successful about what you just experienced, from the obvious things to how you resourcefully traveled through challenge that presented itself during that process. Make a long list of all the expected and unexpected successes that surrounded what you just completed, and then making a list of the things that you would like to do differently. So it doesn’t even mean that that particular thing didn’t work, it could be that you’ve just discovered, through the experience, ways that you’d like to try it the next time, that possibly could be easier or more fun. Subtle improvements to your science experiment.

And then, just having an opportunity to say thank you for what you just did for yourself, what you just accomplished, and to really bask in the qualities that you have, the giftedness that you have that allows you to create, pursue, complete what you just did. Just celebrating it. I mean, that in itself is a beautiful experience, but I always like to go a step further and give myself a reward, and the reward could be just taking the time to do the first things that we spoke of, or the reward could be… I personally like to lose myself for a moment in the celebration, to lose myself and not have anything to do for a period of time. What would I like to do if I could do anything right now? I’d take a deep breath.

What would you like to do? How would you like to treat yourself? In the past, often it’s been something sugary, something that’s a dessert for me, because some of my associations are with my greatest loves, bakery items that were baked in celebration. Now I like to have other opportunities that don’t involve sugar in my life, so they could be baking or they could be cooking. Sometimes I load the car up spontaneously and I go up to SpiritRiver and I sit on the cliff edge. I would walk through the snow right now and it would be squeaking under my boots, and I would be in a warm jacket and just sit on the edge and breathe in that really cold air, really feel blessed to be alive in this realm, having these opportunities for expansion.

Just think about where you go to celebrate, where you go to completely shut down that part of you that’s constantly building and creating, just giving yourself time to be in the moment, just be in the fresh moment. So today’s coaching is all that, it’s a deeper dive into putting closure on something that you completed, whether you had the outcome you wished or whether you didn’t, and giving yourself a reboot by letting yourself discover what you’d like to do for a period of time to reset and to come out fresh. Please click reply on the email that this audio is connected to today and give me some of your beautiful feedback, I love hearing from you. Have a beautiful day.