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41 Listen for What You Need

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hello, it’s Anne with your Coaching on the Go. If you’re like me, you love to be better, get better, improve, constantly expand. And we tend to find things all over, in books, magazines, now on the Internet and different social media platforms, where people are offering really incredible ideas based on their research. All sorts of things that we can do. And I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find myself with such a big to-do list, to be healthy, to exist in a healthy way, that it’s almost overwhelming. How many different things do you look at on a daily basis for betterment?
It could be a beautiful blog on health that has something every day that’s different. It could be a book. I found a book that’s about brain health, it’s called The Grain Brain, and pretty soon… It’s almost overwhelming the things, the suggestions that you could apply every day, and you can get to the point where you almost feel burdened by all the things that you’re supposed to do. So today, the coaching is around knowing that deep within, not too deep that you can’t access the information, but deep within you there is a balance, there’s a knowing you can trust.

So today, during the day, and if you can, to start today or to start tomorrow, just go into a meditation and feel your knowing. Just communicate with all that is around you and feel that connection with everything that’s understood and known. And then think about having a day and a week where you listen and go with your knowing. That you liberate yourself from the big to- do list of things that you have to do to be healthy and vital, and just listen to yourself for what you need. Do you need sleep? Do you need a rest? Do you need some excitement? Do you need water? Do you need love? Do you need challenge?

Listen to yourself and follow directions. Try it for a day, and then see if you can extend that to the week. Just take note of how it feels. Do you feel free that you’re not subscribed to a list? I wonder if you’re going to start to feel like you can navigate without all these external instructions. It’s great to have ideas about where to go, but it’s not great to feel burdened by that list of ideas. So free yourself, trust yourself, believe in yourself, believe in your vitality. Believe in your strength, in your understanding of what needs to happen next, what gets to happen for you next, and have a beautiful day. Send me an email this time with thoughts about this coaching, if you liked it.