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417 Are You Ready To Trust?

Apr 5, 2024 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

Go Big Or Go Home!

That’s the coaching for today as you work on your vision and quarterly goals.

Make sure it’s scary.

Make sure it’s exciting.

Make sure that it feels uncomfortable like, “How can I do that?”

Because I want you to step into trust.

You have a deal going with the collaborative field, with God, with God force, with the Universe, with the quantum field.

You have a collaboration going.

When you were younger, did you ever have to be in a workgroup where four or five people had to work together and they got the same grade and there always were a couple of slackers in the group?

To collaborate with the quantum field, with the collaborative field, you get to trust that the other part of the creative process is being handled.

When you order big, you have to step into trust to allow it to fill in the details.

If you’re expecting to do it all yourself, you’ve got this Herculean task, and often the goal will be much smaller, the vision will be much smaller.

If you know that you have this incredible, powerful, infinite collaborator with you, then you can lean on that collaboration.

You can trust that things are going to be brought to the table that you don’t know yet.

What would it take from you as you are creating your vision, and connecting with the feelings around the vision that you want to experience, what you’d like to create by the end of the year, and what you’d like to create this quarter?

What will it take from you to step into your fullness?

What characteristics, and ways of BE-ing get to be present for you to go in, go big, and stand big?

Is it confidence, worthiness, resourcefulness, trust?

What is it?

Think about that today.

I’m not interested in a list of things that you know you can accomplish yourself.

I‘m interested in your BIG Vision for what you want.

When you were little, you could say, “I want this”, and it could be huge.

It didn’t keep you from imagining yourself there, experiencing it.

Today, and all year, step into the bigger vision and the understanding that there are things that you don’t know about that are working on your behalf to help you create.

Think about what will it take from you to step into compatible alignment with that creative force.

Have a beautiful day.