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42 Ideas Are For NOW!

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go. When is it time to allow your ideas, your visions, the things that excite your spirit to become real? I can’t tell you how many great ideas I had that I threw in a big pile before I started taking them seriously. I think when we’re little children, we immediately fire on a great idea. We just delight in it and we take off on it. But for some reason, as we go through time, there are a variety of things that can slow down the works. It can even be the way that we think about an idea.

So years ago, when I would get an idea, I would think, “Wow, that’s interesting. Oh, that was a great idea.” This was after the time period where I would immediately engage with the idea. And I just started creating a system of seeing the idea, having it flip through my mind and throwing it off to the side, thinking, “Oh, geez, how could that happen?” Or, “That’s ridiculous.” Think of the ideas you get and what you respond by saying within your mind. It was not that many years ago that I was standing outside of my garage thinking about how a half of my garage could easily be a pottery studio.

Earlier in my life, when I was a teacher, I didn’t need a pottery studio because I could use the studio I taught in, but it had been maybe nine years since that happened. So it just occurred to me that if I didn’t start taking action on my ideas, I would be dead with a big pile of ideas that were bold and beautiful, never having amounted to anything. So I started taking them seriously, and I heard an account by Abraham Hicks, who… Abraham Hicks, you can look them up on YouTube, and they wrote the initial book, The Law of Attraction, and that information led to a different group of people creating the movie The Secret. So it’s the pre-The Secret information.

So anyway, you can even Google it and ask for it on YouTube, but she speaks about how, by the time you get an idea, it is ready to go. It’s all cued up. It’s almost completely created. Before I heard that, I thought the idea, when you got the idea, that was the initial momentum and it was all kind of uphill from there. This was recently that I heard that information, that what if, by the time you get the idea, it is all systems go and it is just a little bit further before it’s manifested? I like that idea. I mean, how does that feel for you to think about it that way? It’s not a pile of additional work, it is already almost done. So, I mean, that gives a lot of momentum already, even before you feel like you started, but there are years and years of creation of that before it appears in your mind as an idea.

So I’m having an event coming up next week, Tuesday through Friday, three speakers per day, to help you take steps into your vision, into your ideas. If you have an idea that’s been lingering for years, it’s meant for you. You wouldn’t get it if it wasn’t meant for you. But if it’s been lingering, it is not fleeting. So on the Facebook page, in the emails I am providing links this week for you to grab a complimentary ticket. This is different from the last event in that it is set up as taped interviews, and you can listen to those throughout the day, each day, three per day. If you want to listen to them over the course of more than a day, each group, you can jump into the VIP and you can get those whenever you want. You can watch them and listen to them, and you can also have additional coaching from me to really get you moving.

Some of you have had these ideas for a long time. If you haven’t taken action, jump in and get moving. It’s time. There is no other time than now where action takes place. It doesn’t take place in the future, it doesn’t take place in the past. All the things that we actually do, we do now. So I’m just encouraging you. I created this out of my understanding of the pain that’s created within ourselves when we don’t allow ourselves to pursue things. So jump in. If you want to keep living with that pain, don’t jump in. So loving to engage you in educational opportunities to expand. Love it when you go a step further and get in the VIP and meet me, and actually take some action in your life, that’s inspiring. With love, with energy to see you creating. Have a beautiful day, and looking to see you in that event.