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44 Fertile Ground or Mine Field?

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hello, it’s Anne with your Coaching on the Go. You’ve got these ideas, they’re coming through your head. You’re taking notes on these ideas. If you close your eyes, breathe deeply, put your hand on your heart, feel your heart, feel appreciation for yourself in your heart, what ideas from this pile of ideas are you most drawn to? Which ideas are you hearing repeatedly? Which idea is coming to the front when you’re asking, “What do I really want to do? What would I love to do with my life? What would I like to do now? What’s the next thing I would like to do? What’s the next exciting thing I’d like to do?”

Once that comes back up and you kind of circle it in your mind, what’s happening when you decide to pursue that? When you start really considering that more seriously, what excuses, what sentences are coming up in your mind? What thoughts are coming up in your mind? Jot those down, take note of those. When I have something really exciting and want to pursue, shortly after the very exciting idea, I start to hear things like, “How could you do that? That is going to be difficult, that’s too hard. How are you going to find the money for that? How do you have time to pursue that?”

A whole list, a laundry list of questions start to come up, and they’re really excuses. There are things hidden behind those. So I want you to do some investigating today. And for the next few days, I want you to investigate around the things that pop up when you start thinking about something super exciting that you want to create. What is pressing that down? The effervescence of that rises up. What’s inside of you that’s pressing that back down? And then send me a little note, push reply on the email and send me a little note. Have a beautiful day.