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448 How Do You Feel When You Declare?

May 21, 2024 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

When you Declare Without Evidence, what do you experience in your body?

Take notes as you Declare Without Evidence, as to what you feel, and what you experience within your body, within your being, as you make a bold declaration

Everyone has a spot where they feel the resistance.

I feel it in my throat chakra when I’m first saying something about my future as if it’s in the past, if my being hasn’t aligned with it yet I feel it in my throat chakra as if I’m telling a lie.

I am not in alignment between how I am feeling my emotions and what I’m saying my words.

Two of my communication devices are not in sync with one another and I feel it in my throat chakra.

When you make a bold declaration without evidence, where do you feel it?

Write that down on a piece of paper, or in your journal.

Once you feel it, what is it telling you?

What is that resistance telling you?

That is the work today and every day.

Whenever I have any resistance, I use it as a tool.

I’m getting feedback on where I am not in alignment with myself.

I use it to my advantage.

I leverage it.

When I feel that tension in my throat chakra, I breathe into it and I ask what it’s about.

I feel around in it for information.

What you get to discover when you look in there is your biases about where you are looking to go and become, what you are looking to become.

You discover your own biases: the rules keeping you bound, the beliefs keeping you smaller, and the structures you bought into that are now limiters.

Take notes on this today.

Where do you feel your resistance?

What is the resistance telling you about what you’re declaring?

Do the work.

I’m sending you love.

Have a beautiful day.