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450 Create A New Truth

May 29, 2024 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

It’s so amazing how we can learn or discover something about ourselves and change it.

And we can change it like that!

Yesterday I had you looking into your biases keeping you from your next level.

Today, take those biases, think about them, and create a different way to navigate.

Create a statement that is the opposite of the resistance point, that you can own and say.

Yesterday I mentioned that I used to have a bias against people who were very financially successful.

I shifted that bias to, “I love seeing people succeed”.

“I love seeing success.”

“I love examples of success.”

“When I see someone succeeding on a level that I can’t even comprehend, I get to see what is possible for me.”

“I cheer for people who succeed on all levels, in sports, finance, business, and creating ideas.”

“I’m a cheerleader for success.”

“I appreciate and love seeing examples of success.”

Get the picture?

Those are some ways I have shifted my bias around successful people.

If you have a bias like I did, then you cannot become successful financially.

Part of you is loathing that kind of success.

Use the declaration experience to unearth biases and outdated rules and structures.

At the same time, you are creating momentum and learning to step into trust, you are getting to see where your sticking points are.

You are getting to see your resistance so you can shift it and turn it in your favor.

Have a beautiful day.