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46 What’s your Process?

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

It’s Anne with your Coaching on the Go for today. As we expand, we push the boundaries of our comfort. We’ve got our head and our heart. We have part of us that protects and part of us that seeks growth and expansion. So when I start to grow and expand, I get curious about what I’m feeling and sensing. And a lot of us will notice that we’ve wanted to do something for a long time that we’ve put off over and over, and you can allow that to become your standard. And pretty soon, that’s your habit. Your way of being is that ideas and energy come to you. A natural flow comes to you and you stop it at the door.

So one of the first steps… It’s like the 12 step process. One of the first steps is acknowledging that you have ideas coming through, and acknowledging if you allow those through or if you stop them, and where you stop them. So today’s coaching is short, but it’s around do you actually allow yourself? What’s your process? Do you stop it somewhere? Do you allow your vision in your life, or are you the first line of defense against your own expansion, your own ideas, your own freedom? So today, take note, and for the next week, take note. What are you doing with your ideas? Where are they being stopped or are they going all the way through? At what point is your resistance beginning? Take note on that, take notes around it.

From there, you can move forward. So a lot of times people will tell me, “Oh, I know what I’m going to do. I know what I want to do.” I talk to them two years later and they’re still in that spot. Are you one of those people? Take note. And today, your challenge in communicating with me or your inspiration to communicate with me is to get into our Facebook group, get into our SpiritRiver community, and leave a note about the most impactful thing you’ve heard in the coaching so far. Something that has made you go, “Hmm,” and had a profound effect on your thinking.