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47a. Are You Triggered?

Hey, it’s Anne with your Coaching on the Go. Today I’m just talking about triggers. What’s a trigger? A trigger is when you are just going on in your daily life and something that happens around you on the exterior, it sends kind of a shock through your body or it makes you stop and stand in judgment. So it could be something somebody says to you that makes you think, “That’s not true,” or, “I don’t like the way you said that.” Or you could find someone just agitating, someone that you’re speaking with. You could find things annoying, you can’t even put your finger on it, or you’re listening to something and you’re finding it annoying and bothersome. Those are what I would call triggers.

So you’ve been triggered, and what that means is often you start closing off because something there is annoying and you’re closing to it. Now I wonder, if you dig in to the thing that’s triggering you, it’s likely going to be taking you down to something that you’ve protected yourself from, or that you don’t agree with and you’ve created protection around it. So what I want to challenge you today to do, because we can find out a lot about ourselves from our triggers, and our triggers can really limit the amount of information that we’re allowed to take in.

So if somebody’s speaking to you and you’re sensitive and triggered and feel like people are constantly criticizing you, then you’re likely not going to be hearing what they’re saying. And they may not be criticizing you, they may be giving you a little bit of feedback and you may be taking it in a way based on your past experience that’s closing you down. So the ideal would be that nothing on the outside would ever trigger you. So as a fun game today, take note of yourself. Watch the way you respond, listen to where you’re listening, listen to the way you’re hearing and responding. And if you’re finding yourself getting offended, agitated, annoyed, hurt, triggered, then take note of that and make a list of it. And then I’m going to coach you in the next coaching excerpt on the go about what to do next. So let’s make a list today, and if you come up with something that’s really curious to you, send me a note. I love to hear from you.