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48 What are you Creating Today!

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your SpiritRiver Coaching on the Go. Oh, today. What are you creating today in your life? What are you doing today? What are you committed to creating today? I’m waiting because I want you to think, “What are you here for?” We’re not just here to follow the same thing we did yesterday, day after day. We are master creators. We are created from the energy that created the entire universe. You can call it what you will, call it what aligns with you – God, god force, creation, the universe, whatever words are matching your understanding at this time. That’s where we came from, that energy. The energy that created everything and continues to create. That’s what you’re made of.

What are you here creating? If you’re not creating anything, why not? So today I want to task you, ask yourself, tell me, what are you creating just for today? It’s a good way to operate, to declare what you’re creating every day. And it can be simply – and there’s nothing simple about that – it could simply be love, that you’re creating love today. Or some days, when I realize I left my humor at home the day before, I decide that I’m going to be creating joy and humor today. You can be looking for fun, looking for joy, looking for humor and being that. So today, let me know. Click the link at the bottom for our Facebook page. Tell me what you’re creating today. Be bold. I love you.