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Today I’m talking about moving, exercising, and doing something for your body that also does something for your mind, your thinking, your creativity, and your health.

Movement does a lot of things.

It stimulates your heart to pump harder and oxygenate your blood.

It cleans and clears you out.

We have four times more lymph fluid in our body, in our lymphatic system, than we do in our vascular system with our heart beating blood through our body.

Exercise oxygenates your blood, but it also moves your lymph system.

Your lymph system doesn’t circulate unless you are moving it.

One way you can move your lymph is to take deep breaths and hold them and you can feel pressure in your fingers and parts of your arms.

That’s your lymph moving because you’ve changed the pressure of your body.

Another way, if you’re not a runner or exercising at the gym, or doing something that’s moving your body, you can buy a rebounder.

I have a great source. you can connect with me and I can connect you with a source I have for a high-quality rebounder.  You can get them at a sporting goods store.

On a rebounder, without even leaving your toes, you can go up and down from heel to toe and bounce.

If you put your arms above your head you can feel the pressure changing in your hands.

That’s your lymph moving.

When you do that, as I have successfully many times when I’ve started to feel a little bit under the weather, I hit that little rebounder for 10 minutes in the morning and the evening, and maybe while I’m watching TV, it circulates your lymph fluid and clears and cleans out things in your body that can make you sick.

We are meant to be moving,

We’re designed to be moving.

That system operates fully if we are moving, but often in our daily lives currently, we don’t do that.

I also want to suggest that if you’re working your way back into movement you ease into it.

When you’re younger, you can just start running without stretching or anything.

Right now, I walk for a bit, then while I’m warmed up I do some active stretching, then start my run or walk.

If I get tight during that run, walk or other exercise, I stop and stretch.

It’s a great time to stretch when you’re warm.

One last point.

Weight training is very good for us.

It produces growth hormone even in 70 and 80-year-olds who never did weight lifting before.

It’s like youth serum and that is good for your cardiovascular system as well.

When you start lifting weights, you start breathing deeply and your heart starts pumping. 

 So just a little coaching on moving your body and what movement can do for you.

Post in the chat or send me an email about what you like to do for exercise.

I will send a note back.

Have a beautiful day and get some movement in!