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58 Exercise Your Response Muscle

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

It’s Anne with your Coaching on the Go. Okay, so we’ve been talking for the week around responsiveness with self and taking a look at how we treat our most basic thoughts, and then that extends into our big ideas and our direction in life and where we’re going and how we’re going there, if we’re paying attention and if we’re excited, or if we’re dull or if we’re partially asleep constantly. All this is connected to you having the flow with your internal guidance system, with the communication system that was set up within you that connects you to everything you can and can’t see in this world. So it’s really important, right?

So today we’re extending beyond our task that we began on Tuesday, where we were looking at ourselves and really seeing if we were paying attention to the basic signs, the basic requests, or if we’re not. So now I just want you to step into that. You get to pay attention to what you’re asking yourself and take that seriously and follow it. So we’re going to start with the baby things, like notice throughout the day how you’re feeling, when you’re hungry, when you’re thirsty. Are you really hungry or are you thirsty? It’s said that 90% of the time when we think our body is telling us we’re hungry, we just need a drink of water. So let’s start tuning up the small things today.

If your instinct is telling you that if you open that cabinet, it might knock the vase off the shelf, pay attention to that message. Move the vase. Little things like that. I want you to practice with the baby stuff today. So if you’re ready to leave the house and you have an instinct about something, what is that instinct? Did you forget something? Maybe you’re being drawn back into the house to remember the thing that you need today. Follow those instincts and see where they take you. Those little ones. We’re going to build that baby muscle of following, and that’s going to lead us into the big decisions about business, about life, about relationships. This is where it starts. It starts with are you being in integrity here, or are you not paying any attention here, so that when the really big ideas come, you don’t know what they mean. You’re totally out of communication with yourself.

So it might sound ridiculous, but it’s true. These are connected. Years ago, I started following these. I started paying attention, and I still do it today. I listen to those small indicators that come up throughout the day, those hunches. Often those things that people think are trivial, but they’re not. And often I am drawn back into the house to get something before work that I needed for the day. Often I am taken to a place where I was looking for something previously and couldn’t find it, and there it is. So we have a complex, incredible system of communication within ourselves that’s, for the most part, above and beyond our rational thinking. It’s intuitive. No matter how analytical you are, you’ve got this system that’s directing you that’s subconscious. And if you can tune this up, start playing with this, yeah, you’re going to be surprised what it reveals to you. So get started on this today, and feel free to report out what you’re discovering. I’d love to hear from you. Have a beautiful day.