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Years ago when I was at a Tony Robbins training, he talked about our internal being being a little bit like a thermostat in your home, where we have a set point that we get comfortable with. And even when we’re not completely satisfied or happy, we’re used to that set point, so our system really works pretty hard to maintain it. 


I noticed the other day, as I’m going towards the next level that I’m in, that as I got a little bit overdone and tired, I started to think about, “Why am I doing this?” I started to ask myself questions, and I realized that those questions take me back to the last set point I was at. I realized from experience, what I’ve found is that when that happens, when I take steps to walk through it, just doing the next thing and the next thing and the next thing, that takes me through to the next set point.


Another thing that I find extremely helpful in this challenge is that when you have a strong vision and you’ve thought about the feelings, the emotional feelings that will come to you during the accomplishment of that strong vision, the kinds of experiences you’re going to have, if you have an opportunity to think all the way around that next level that you want to go to, and why you want to go there, then when you’re on your way that momentum will carry you. And when you get there it won’t be unfamiliar to you, and you won’t be thinking you have to go back to a previous set point.


So today’s training is just about how we are, by nature, locked into levels of comfort. And as we expand, if we use our vision to expand, we can step into the next level easier. We can also do that by just taking the next step and the next step to that level. It’s natural, just remember that. It’s natural to sometimes fondly think back to a previous set point, and maybe how easy that would be. 


And you can also think about how dissatisfied you’d be remaining there or going back there, because your vision has already taken you to the next level that you’d like to be at. So you get to think about who you get to become on the way to each level, and what you’d have to sacrifice if you stayed in your comfort zone. 


So, that’s all we have for today. Write in the chat or send me an email about if you’ve experienced that, a resistance when you’re going up to another level, and what you did to get through it. Have a beautiful day.