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Today I want to talk about a strategy for getting past the set point. You can keep coming up to it and bumping into it and it’s extremely frustrating. 

So one easy, simple strategy is to just find the next thing that you could do, instead of thinking about it as almost an insurmountable next step… you’re thinking about the entire project, or you’re thinking beyond where you’re creatively making the project, or you’re coming up with the business, or you’re doing that big remodel, or whatever that is that you’re working on that’s in your vision… If you make it too big sometimes you can’t get started on it, and it’s often the fear of failure, way out on the other side, it’s the fear of failure. 

So there’s a couple of strategies but the main one I want to talk about here is:  So what if you fail? Right? If you’re not going to do anything, you failed anyway. So on the one hand, cut yourself loose from making it a huge result. But then start moving forward on it. Do something to take action. So some people, when they’re going to do something artistic, they just start finger painting or splash painting or scribbling or doodling or coloring. Just taking some time in their studio. If you’re working on a bigger project, like I’ve been working on a tech project with some really extensive design work involved and really a lot of complex interweaving. And sometimes I noticed that I might want to put it off because it just feels insurmountable. So I block off some time and I just spend time doing a little bit, just as much as I can, and when you do that over and over, pretty soon you’ve exercised your muscle in working on that project, just like an exercise regimen. You’re just going to get up and start doing that for that period of time because you’ve trained yourself to get into that mode. So  the best thing you can do is surround yourself with the tools and things that you need to get started, and then being gentle with yourself and allowing yourself to just start playing in that arena and don’t care initially about the outcome. Just care about the time that you’re working, let yourself get lost in it. 

Have a beautiful day and get started on something. Anything. Throw some comments in the chat. If you haven’t connected with the community on the Instagram page I challenge you today to get into the Instagram and connect with SpiritRiverWD and also you can connect with my personal creative art page AnneMKleinArt. You can just enjoy the blogs there as well.