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72 Yes! You can CHANGE your Momentum

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go. 

This week we’re talking about shifting momentum quickly, and sometimes to do that you get to notice that you have a momentum. 

Yesterday’s work, you were to take some time to notice if you could feel a theme to a chapter, a part of your day, or the whole day. 

And sometimes it’s that we were a little cranky that day, that things aren’t going well for us, that people are getting in our way, that we’re bumping into a bunch of nasty people.

But if you can stop yourself for a moment and think, “What energy do I have going on inside of myself? Am I annoyed with something?” 

So what you’re seeing on the outside is often a reflection of what’s going on on the inside. 

So I might be annoyed by something and I might get caught in traffic, and then I’m more annoyed, and if I can stop myself, go into that energy and feel what I’m really feeling and experiencing.

Am I annoyed? 

Am I frustrated with something? 

And then I’m seeing it in the outside world. 

Now, for some people, this is hard to stomach. 

Like that doesn’t correlate, but it does. 

And the more work I do, the more evidence I see there. 

If you’re skeptical about it, just say, “What if? What if that were true?”

Just be curious. 

And then you can not have to have any stories around whether you believe in something or not. 

You can just say, “What if that were true? What if there is a correlation?” 

So notice that there’s a thread or a momentum starting in your day. 

It could be a great momentum, that’s wonderful. 

If it’s a momentum around something in a direction that you’re not interested in, you can ask yourself, “Do you have an underlying something that you’re dealing with today?” 

Do you have some anxiety, some frustration? 

Is there something not done? 

Are you carrying something from somewhere else into this moment and it’s tainting your current experience? 

Today this is what you get to play with. 

I had a relationship that I was really engaged with and happy with, and as it started to shift, I wanted to hold it in place. 

And finally I couldn’t and the relationship was gone, and I missed the person so much. 

I couldn’t figure out… I just kept trying to work it out in my mind. 

I spent a lot of time daily on that. 

No matter what else I was doing, I had an underlying current of a pain, a loss, a feeling, and that can taint everything.

So it’s really important to be present and fresh in your moment. 

So if you’ve got something you’re thinking about, give yourself some time. 

Give yourself a certain amount of time to think about it. 

Or you can even say, “Yes, that’s important to me. I can see why I’m spending time on it or why my mind keeps going back to it. 

But I’m going to shift away from that right now, I’m going to focus on something else.” 

So this is challenging work and it takes discipline. 

So I’m giving you an opportunity to seek patterns of feeling and directions of momentum in your life. 

If you don’t like the way your momentum is going that day, you get to shift that momentum.

One way is to take a nap. 

One way is to meditate. 

One way is to really be disciplined and say, “Okay, I’m not going to think about that. What am I doing now, or what would I like to think about now?” 

So you get to be a disruptor in your own energy. 

And yes, sometimes, again, this is challenging work.

So sometimes it takes a coach to support you because you keep going back to the thing. 

It’s like when you got hurt and you got a scab, you keep picking the scab off. 

That’s what you keep doing, and it creates a momentum in a direction you don’t want. 

And it’s usually something you can’t solve or you don’t know how to solve it, so your mind keeps playing with it, taxing itself with a solution. 

So there’s your work for today. 

What is the work? 

It’s looking at that momentum. 

Whenever you feel a momentum, seeing if there’s something underneath it that you’re carrying with you from another moment, and stop it by doing a variety of the techniques I mentioned. 

That’s a really big project, but you just start somewhere.

Take a baby step and have a beautiful day. 

I love you.