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74 Call it Out! Place Your Order!

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go. 

We’re kicking around the idea of declaring, boldly declaring, getting uncomfortable with making a declaration that there’s no evidence for. 

Why would we do this? 

We used to do it. 

It’s part of the creative process. 

Something comes up and you say, “I’m going to be that, I’m going to do that, I’m going to have that.” 

And likely, you haven’t exercised that muscle in a long time. 

So your challenge and your assignment is to make a declaration every morning for a whole week, and at the end of the day, take note of if you accomplished it or not, and what it took from you to allow it to become that day.

And you could start small, where there isn’t so much resistance. 

Typically a declaration isn’t something that’s just on your to do list, what you were already going to do that day. 

But if it’s something that’s quite a challenge that you’ve been struggling with, to declare its completion that day, that can be a great place to start.

And then you get to build to bigger things, like, “I declare a new business idea by the end of the day, I declare a new client today. 

I declare creating a dynamic social opportunity for myself today. 

I declare $5,000 hitting my bank account by tomorrow morning.” 

I know that’s not today, but this is how declarations can be.

You can give yourself a day or two days, but I’d like you to start small today with a declaration. 

And make it a wish, make it something beautiful that you’d like and see what can happen. 

See what you need to get to be to even allow that possibility to become. 

And that’s what will happen initially when you’re declaring, your internal system will start to ask, “How could this happen? How can I even be open to this?” 

It seems outlandish, it seems whimsical, it doesn’t seem grounded. 

So go through the things, go through the thoughts and the feelings. 

Feel the feelings of resistance to declaring, and just continue through those and declare, and start small and see what starts to happen for you. 

See what you begin to create by declaring.

Order up what you want. 

You are at the life buffet. 

Be bold, be creative. 

What can you create when you ask the universe as a powerful co-creative force, and this declaration that you’re creating is sending a ripple out into the universe? 

Let’s see what you can create today. 

With big love, have a beautiful day, and feel free to push reply on this and send your declaration to me through the email today.