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Hey, it’s Anne. I just wanted to talk with you today a little bit further about blocks and feeling stuck, feeling blocked, saying you’re blocked. 

I was chatting with a friend the other day and I was talking about something physical I experienced. I had had a number of back issues and I was doing some distance running a couple of years ago and I was finally getting to the point where I could hardly generate enough  muscle energy to take a step forward. My disks were talking to me and pinching my nerves as they went down my legs, and my leg wasn’t functioning properly. I had spent a couple years with a chiropractor restructuring back there, and right before I was completely in the clear, I had a major setback where I went into massive spasm. I couldn’t move anywhere without massive pain. When I talked to the chiropractor later he mentioned that he sees this repeatedly in patients, that just before they completely clear away a past injury, their body really takes them deep into the injury. 

It’s interesting because I feel like this happens to us physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, intellectually. When we’re ready to attempt the next thing we can be on our way to it and it seems like we’re just about there, when suddenly we’re flooded with distractions, things that seem to come up, things that seem out of our control, and they are all evidence to me now, this is what I’ve learned, is that they are evidence of where I’m coming from, and how good it’s going to be at the next level in the part of myself that’s nervous or the part of myself that wants to keep me in the comfort zone I’ve been in in the past. How hard it’s working. So I’ve turned it around for myself and I understand that that’s natural. I’m going to see these distractions. It could be things like your mom needs help or someone is struggling, and they are real things, but they are right in the middle of distracting you from the next level. And they could be great excuses. But instead now I see them, I take care of those responsibilities that I want to take care of, and I continue to take steps forward so that i’m strengthening that muscle. and my being knows that when I’m going forward to a vision that I have, nothing is going to deter me from that vision, and training myself in that way. I’ve come to understand that the greater the resistance that I’m feeling, the cooler it is going to be when I step into this vision fully.

So this is just some encouragement for this morning. I’d love to hear information from you. I’d love to hear what you’ve experienced and if you’ve noticed it and how you handle it or if you have stopped yourself from proceeding forward and now this could help you. 

So throw something in an email back to me or throw something in the chat. I want to continue to challenge some of you so I hear from you. If you’re benefiting from these audios, I’d love to get some feedback. Have a beautiful day.