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80 Remember Who You Are to Reboot

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

It’s Anne with your Coaching on the Go, and I am on the go while I’m coaching on the go. 

How appropriate is that? 

I create these Coaching and the Go’s for you so you can be listening to these in your busy life, or as you’re relaxing.

However you do it, we push the button and the thoughts go into your head and you get to just listen to the voice, listen to the talk, and let it permeate through you and out the other side.

I personally am not somebody who loves to read a lot. 

I like to be listening to things, I’m very auditory. 

So this is for you who are busy, you are auditory, so you can engage that way. 

So this week we’re talking about when you get kind of blindsided by a story and all of a sudden you’re overwhelmed.

You’re overwhelmed and you have shifted, and the shifting I’m talking about is at the end of yesterday’s exercise, last Coaching on the Go’s exercise, you got to see the difference between where you would be when you’re standing in your power and where you are at the end of really talking about what happened.

How you got overwhelmed, what it looks like, what it feels like, and where your energy is going when you’re doing that.

So there you are, you’re exhausted almost, of talking of what happened, how it made you feel. 

You’re emotionally embedded in it and you feel quite small. 

So I’m asking you today, who are you? 

Who really are you? 

And has whatever occurred that took you back into all sorts of other entanglements, that’s bigger than this moment, has what occurred taken away your power, or have you given away your power? 

And who are you? 

You can shift yourself as quickly as remembering who you are. 

So yesterday I had you write down who you are inside. 

What are the characteristics that you possess? 

Who would you describe yourself as? What are your powerful characteristics?

What are the characteristics that you’re proud of that you possess? 

So you get to remind yourself at this moment, once you’ve expelled the garbage, you got the poison out, remember who you are. 

That’s what you can bring to the table at every moment to get your power back. 

“Well, I’m a confident, inspiring leader. 

I’m a loving, playful creator.

I am resilient. 

I am a loving, resilient, confident, creative being.” 

Who are you? 

You get to lock into that. 

So I want you to do an exercise today where you are taking the time to breathe deeply, breathing out the stress of the event, taking the time to lock into it, grab it, hook it and pull it out and replace who you really are in this moment, because you can’t get your resourcefulness back while you’re in victim mode.

So put on some music, put on some empowering music. 

The Superman soundtrack, the Star Wars soundtrack, a song that’s really inspiring to you. 

Breathe in who you really are and breathe out this victim. 

This is something that I did with my client the other day, I reminded her.

Through some visualizations, I allowed her (she allowed herself) to reclaim her power.

And it’s an exercise that you can do regularly. 

You can expel the energy around what you’re feeling, that has you feeling blindsided or has you feeling smaller. 

Get it out, purge it, vomit in the bucket, and then once you’re done with that, just stop. 

Feel the feelings of how it is to be a victim. 

How does it feel there?

How small do you feel there? 

What’s happened to your energy? 

Where has it gone, the energy field around you that normally is with you when you’re in your largeness, in your fullness, in your superhero, in your invincibility cloak? 

What’s happened to that energy? 

You chose to give it up in that story. 

And yes, it might sound like blame-y to say, “Why did you do that to yourself?”

But indeed, it’s your choice. 

So put on some music, see yourself in your fullness, in your bigness, in your greatness. 

See yourself, feel the energy from head to toe, coming out of your fingertips that is really you, authentic you, and step back into it. 

Breathe it in, kick out all of that victim energy, replace it with who you really are.

In that way, you can become resourceful around a solution. 

You will open back up, you’ll find yourself able to be in the moment and think towards a solution, think resourceful.

Get your toolset set back, open your toolbox again and pull out the tools that you need for this moment. 

So today’s coaching, when you come to the monthly workshop, I’ll do a visualization with you there that will be powerful. 

It powerfully shifts people, and it shifted my client that day.

She thought it would take her a long time to uncover what had just occurred, and what she got to discover was that this exercise was able to shift her in the moment back into her power. 

Things began to change for her that day. 

I do that with myself regularly. 

I’m in the work. 

I’m in the work just like you.

I can get derailed by something that goes on in the world of my relationship with my partner, and all of a sudden I can be derailed. 

I can have derailed myself. 

And because I’m astute to the situation, I can quickly stop and notice that my energy is way bigger than this moment, in that it’s got a history.

It’s not right to judge this moment based on possibly a lifelong history of engagement with that issue, and that’s deeper. 

That’s deeper, and I would go deeper with you as a coach to uncover that if you keep finding it repeating itself. 

But in the moment, you can shift as quickly as you can snap your fingers by remembering who you are.

If you show up for the monthly that’s coming up, I believe it’s next weekend for the monthly three-hour workshop, I’ll take you through this navigation and you’ll have it as a tool. 

So, have a beautiful day. 

Do the work, and I love you. 

And when you do the work, go into the Facebook page.

Be generous, be big, be bold, take up some space, share.

It impacts others. 

If you’ve gotten something from this, share it so other people can gain and you can solidify what you learned, and I’ll engage with you tomorrow. 

Have a beautiful day.