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83 Stopping To Be Rewarded

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, good morning, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

This morning I have an example for you of what I talked about yesterday, the importance and the value of standing in the now moment and just being, just allowing your brain to shut down. 

Sometimes it takes quite a few minutes, sometimes you can get right there by going to the spot.

I happened to be painting the classroom at Spirit River for the last five days, roughing it in a way, washing up down in the river, painting all day. 

In the mornings I come down to the cliff edge, and that’s where I am this morning, and I just stop time there for 20 minutes. 

I just listen to the birds.

Sometimes I can see the sun coming through these canyons on top. 

I can see the shadows dappling through the woods. 

And this morning I felt compelled to put my hands on this beautiful bark of this white pine and share energy with this white pine. 

So as I was doing that, I felt compelled to come and stand behind it, and then I just looked to the right, towards the river, and it’s a very tree covered area.

You can see from the picture I posted, there’s a little circle of openness, and in that circle there was a doe and the tiniest little fawn.

I had heard some splashing, but I thought maybe… 

I couldn’t see where the splashing was coming from a few minutes earlier, and it didn’t sound like the same splashing as usual.

It sounded a little like swimming, and it must have been that fawn. 

So when you get into the zone of just being, just feeling the flow, just feeling the pure freshness of the moment…

And for me, being on the cliff edge at Spirit River takes me right there.

I don’t have to wait 10 minutes to shut my brain down. 

When you go to these places and get this opportunity, when you go to this place of just breathing and being in the now moment, things will show up that feel like, “Wow, what a coincidence.” 

And I talk about this regularly, but really the way we use the word coincidence versus when you really think of the word, two incidents coinciding, you create room for things to show up in perfect time.

So today, take seriously setting up a schedule for yourself, setting up a time for yourself when you allow beautiful things to present themselves effortlessly, easily.

Sending you big, big love from the top of the cliff at Spirit River.