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84 Clearing for Exciting Direction

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

It’s Anne with your Coaching on the Go. 

The other day I had a new client, and I wanted to give her something.

And I walk along the beach and I find stone-shaped hearts constantly. 

That started a few years ago, and I’ve got quite a collection of stones that are in the shape of hearts. 

While we were looking for beach glass, I would find these hearts, and to me, they were evidence of love. 

They were evidence of my love. 

We can find anything that we’re looking for. 

It becomes able for us to be seen when we’re looking for it. 

So when you ask, that’s the value of asking for what you’re interested in, or thinking about what you want to see and focusing there instead of what you don’t.

Then you can look for it. 

When I was pregnant years ago, it was amazing how many people were pregnant, and I’m sure it was the same amount, but I could see them. 

I could see every pregnant woman, it seemed like they were everywhere. 

When I was looking for a particular car that I liked, I began to notice it everywhere.

You see through a filter.

So today I am talking about how I was on the beach the other week, last week, and I was looking for a stone that was a heart that I would like to give to my client that I see once a week in person, and I found three.

This week when my client came over, I had all sorts of hearts on the table and I let her pick one, and she picked one of those three. 

Interesting, isn’t it? 

I mean, you can say all these things are coincidental, and you can use the definition that our society uses, that they’re just chance, or you can start to see patterns in things, powerful patterns.

After I purchased Spirit River, the following year I looked to sell my home that I had been living in because my life had shifted considerably. 

I was cleaning my bedroom, getting ready to sell the house, and when I took the bed apart and started removing furniture, there was a piece of paper on the floor and it said, “I want to live on a piece of property along the water, the river or Lake Michigan, that has red pines, white pines, birch and sugar maple.”

And at that moment, I had Spirit River. 

I had purchased it a year prior, and I was amazed to find that piece of paper. 

I recalled meditating before I went to sleep one night, and I would write what I would love. 

I’d write it down. 

But on this particular day, I wrote it on a small piece of paper that was available, and it must have slipped under the bed.

So that’s the power of meditating, the power of quieting your mind, the power of vision and feeling your vision. 

So when I wrote that, I was really feeling that, and I wrote it the night that I came home and heard the voice of, “Where was I going and what was I doing?”

I wrote it on a piece of paper and it fell. 

So that’s to bring full circle the power of intention, the power of being there before you’re there, the power of envisioning and feeling the feelings, and really embodying the feelings and the desires that you’re asking for. 

So these exercises aren’t trivial, they’re powerful creation exercises, and how we put our intentions forward when we do anything supports those things in becoming successful, or just that we’ve treated them as something we’re going through the motions on, and they’re trivial. 

And I’ve said this over and over, this is courageous work. 

It’s powerful work. 

And it’s joyful, but you get to take it seriously, joyfully serious. 

So this week, as you’re meditating in the morning, having quiet time, what are you asking for?

At the end of your quiet time, are you noticing some direction that you’re getting? 

Are you getting step by step instructions and you’re not paying attention to those? 

My story goes way deeper than this. 

Just one thing after the next, as I would meditate, guiding me from writing on the paper or from giving appreciation at the river, to hearing a voice, to writing it on paper, feeling it, to following that, to noticing what was available.

Thing after thing after thing, the next single step appearing until…

It’s still going on, that creating is still going on today. 

I’m following the steps.

I’m following the next thing and the next and the next. 

So happy journeys, and love to you.