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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

So what do you want? 

What have you decided you want next in your life? 

What is your next big thing? 

I’ve had you doing work around that, and it’s not always easy to come up with because many of us live by default – just get up and get into the momentum of a normal day.

But your mind and your being and your spirit are powerful. 

There are books around us and episodes in our lives that really emphasize the creative process. 

When I was a little girl, a teacher asked us what we wanted to be, and in first grade I wrote it and I drew it on a piece of paper, and I spelled it with my early writing, “a mother, a teacher, an artist.”

I’m certain that I remember playing being a mother, I remember having little baby dolls that were my children. 

I remember playing being a mother, playing house with my friends and my sisters many, many times. 

I remember drawing, drawing, drawing, drawing, making things out of wood, us camping and me being down at the lake shore, drawing. 

I became an artist right away.

I became, in some ways, a mother right away, and I also would practice being a teacher, imagine being a teacher. 

So if you look in different books in the New Testament of the Bible, which a mentor told me to look at years ago, when I was in a certain business, someone that I really respected. 

So I purchased a copy, because I couldn’t find one from yesteryear. 

I found in the New Testament, it was a series of creating. 

It was a series of stories about wanting something, believing it, and then it becoming, and you having it.

Over and over and over, stories of people who either didn’t believe what was possible and it couldn’t happen, or people who believed it and they became it.

I’m sure there are loads of examples, but here in my own life, I believed it and I became it. 

And then as I ventured through those, I got to set new intentions, new goals, new ideas about what I wanted next, because I successfully had decided what I was going to become as a child, and I became it.

So what do you want? 

It’s a big question. 

When I was first asked, let’s say in my forties, I couldn’t answer it. 

It was just too big of a question, it stopped me in my tracks. 

So last time we engaged, I asked you what you want, and that was your homework. 

Now it’s your time to get obsessed with it, to play with it, to stand in the realm of it.

So this is the fun part, you get to just fantasize it.

When you’re standing in line waiting for something, what can you do? 

You can think about it, step into it. 

Abraham Hicks, who I really like, is a spiritual medium, and I went to hear her speak a few times. 

Powerful ideas. 

When I first came about her book, I couldn’t allow myself to engage with how she became a medium because she wasn’t even interested in it at all, and it kind of came to her through her husband. 

He really wanted to, and he couldn’t, but she could. 

So I couldn’t take in how she became a spiritual medium, but I found the book interesting. 

It was The Law of Attraction, and it just talked about the nature of attracting ideas and then attracting the manifestation of those ideas.

So what I started discovering for myself, and I’ve seen it in evidence everywhere, is that you ask for something, and sometimes the crappier your life is, the more you’re asking. 

It’s in the contrast that we ask for more.

Often when there isn’t enough contrast, we don’t ask. 

So I’m thrilled when people come to me, clients come to me and their life is not the way they want it.

They’re steeped in the contrast that’s creating a situation where they’re asking for more. 

They’re asking for something bigger, something different, and they’re creating in that moment. 

And then they get to step into imagining themselves, because they’ll speed themselves to that thing that they want by imagining it, feeling it, visualizing it, stepping into vision.

I want a beautiful next chapter. 

What does it look like? 

What do you see yourself doing? 

Where are you going, what are you creating? 

What’s the feeling that you’re getting to experience? 

Because we don’t want to create anything except for the feeling it gives us to create it, the feelings of satisfaction that we did it, the people that we got to meet, the things we got to do, the principles of it, the elements of it, what we got to learn, how we got to expand, the people we served with it, the feelings we got to share, the moments we got to share.

So today’s work is ongoing, it’s you being the artist in your life. 

What do you want? 

Don’t limit yourself. 

You can have anything, it’s true. 

What do you want and what are you willing to open to? 

What are you willing to allow yourself to experience? 

So you’re asking, you’re envisioning, you’re believing, and you’re allowing your higher level being to navigate you to it.

The more you can play in this realm of joyful thoughts of it, you’re creating.

It’s like you have the paintbrush and you are painting with it. 

You’re dipping your creation paintbrush into visualization and you’re painting your future, and then you’re thinking of it. 

You’re thinking of it in just enough detail that you’re enjoying it, so you get to not worry about how.

The hows will come to you as you do this.

You get to worry about nothing, you’re just envisioning it, you’re feeling it, you’re stepping into it.

And then on a physical level, you’re experiencing it in your body, so if you make it vivid, you’re feeling the feelings and your being is becoming familiar with those feelings.

So Tiger Woods, I’ve talked about this before, by the time he won the Masters, someone asked him a question about how it felt and he said he had visualized it so many, many, many times before, exactly the way it happened. 

It happened exactly the way he visualized it. 

And Cary Grant, one of my favorite actors of all time, at some point he became considered a sophisticated gentleman actor, and someone asked him how he became that, and he said he started thinking he was and he became. 

There’s evidence of this everywhere, and it’s really fun on top of it. 

So the more you get to keep your envisioning fluid and happy… and you get to not be a devil’s advocate in your own vision. 

So you want to start with things you can buy into, that you believe, that you can allow yourself to experience.

Knowing you can have anything, it behooves you not to sit in judgment of your vision and to just work yourself into the vision in baby steps, if that’s what you need to be doing, so that you’re not bringing up resistance.

You always get to think about what you’re for, not what you’re against.

What you’re interested in, not what you’re not interested in.

So this is a big process and I’ve taken a lot of time to talk about it. 

Take a walk in your mind whenever you get a chance, into your next chapter.

What would you like?

And watch it unfold, because as you do this, you will start to meet the right people, take the right actions, take the steps you need to to walk into this reality, and it gets to be your little secret. 

You get to walk in this realm and enjoy this realm. 

You get to live in the satisfaction of it.