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121. Celebrating Success to Promote Abundance

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Today’s coaching around money is to look around you for people.

Who are doing things that you would love to do?

They’re achieving things.

Look around for people who started like you perhaps, or they started out in a way.

That was unpredicted, unpredictable, unlikely, and they created something.

So look for some people who have stories that you can really relate to.

So you can see and study what they did and celebrate them.

Whenever you hear of somebody really succeeding at something, celebrate their success.

Today’s coaching is short but sweet and meaningful.

Years ago I was in network marketing and it was a great company.

And I started out fast and it started out very successful for me.

And then it started slowing and new people came on the scene and they would blow by very quickly.

And at first I felt like discrediting them or saying, oh that just wait, when they hit the plateau.

So what I started to realize is that success doesn’t have any limitations.

When you’re successful, you’re not taking away someone else’s ability to have abundance or be successful.

Everybody has an opportunity to do that.

And if you can rise up and do that, think of the people that you can inspire.

Now again, if this is Twingy for you and you think it’s all about success or money, it’s not.

It’s about creating.

And money is a bartering commodity in our society.

So if you’re creating something, if I’m creating my spiritual retreat center.

And I don’t have the money or I’m disrespecting how to get the money to create the center.

That I’m visualizing, I’m not going to be able to support or create or steward the land.

Or do the things that are in my vision.

So today if you’re coaching if in this coaching you keep getting triggered.

Because you have a belief system that wants to act like money is not important, that’s fine.

You don’t have to have money, everybody doesn’t need to have money.

But if you’re someone who wants it and it’s been invading you at the levels.

That you’d like to enjoy whatever you’re interested in creating, then you get to look at those.

Those are really important things to have to look at before you get to the next level.

So what I’m talking about today is really celebrating the success of people around you.

Even people you don’t know, people who are wealthy and doing things that you admire with that money.

People who don’t have to think twice about spending and getting something.

Or giving something or putting money towards something.

How would that feel for you?

How would it feel for you to be able to be, do, and have the things that you wished you could be, do, and have?

Just feel that down into your core.

And as you’re celebrating somebody else’s success, imagine the feeling that they’re getting to feel.

Imagine how you would feel in their position and imagine yourself in the future experiencing that.

So that’s today’s coaching.

Jump in, and celebrate the success of others.

Feel the feelings and get curious about how they do it.

Ask them how they did it.

Find out, discover, and take opportunities to see what other people are doing.

What’s working for them, what is their mindset, how is that mindset accelerating them?

And creating a demand for money?

So we’ll talk about that another time.

But how are you being in demand for what you want in your life?

We’ll talk about that another day.

Have a beautiful Day.