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This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Every second, every moment, every microsecond.

Is an opportunity to shift momentum and start something, change something, or propel something.

So there are other opportunities where often people like to regroup and start fresh.

And it could be in the morning, at the beginning of a new day.

It could be after a nap.

These are like micro possibilities.

Sometimes people like to start a new week on Sunday.

What I don’t want you doing is waiting when you could start now.

But if you want to and you’re at a point where there’s a new beginning, like a new year, a new month, a new week. 

You get to step into your vision and decide what you’d like to do there.

And as we approach one of these big milestones. 

I  want to help you to support setting up an incredible next chapter, the next series of growth opportunities.

And so today I’m talking with you about basically catching an idea, a desire, or a want.

Catching a beautiful feeling about something you’re interested in, curious about, and allowing that to be.

I remember a time when I would regularly catch something like that, catch a whiff of it. 

And I would immediately slam it.

So I would see something I liked, a beautiful pair of shoes, a car. 

I’d see a house, I’d see a trip I would love to go on, something I’d like to experience.

I’d get an idea for something I could pursue.

And either I would allow those, they would sit there as just ideas that didn’t have I didn’t give them attention.

They would sit there as an idea that just randomly came to me.

Not that they were something powerful and for me, or I would attack them.

I would attack them and neutralize them, almost like in a way, shaming myself for thinking of them.

Because what was I thinking?

I don’t have the resources for that.

So I would slam it.

So what I learned to do was allow myself to play in the space of what it would feel like to engage with.

That idea or thing.

So I would take the next steps.

What would be the next step?

If you wanted to buy this beautiful jacket that was out of your reach financially, what do you think that would be?

It could be to look it up online and investigate it.

It could be then to find the store where it is to make a little field trip for yourself.

Or you go and you try it on and you feel what it would feel like, how good it would feel.

Or decide if it’s really what you wanted.

You might try it on and decide, no, you want to try some others on.

So it will take you to the next step.

When I went to the BMW dealership the other day to look for the X three.

Because it’s practical and it’s beautiful, I discovered a couple of other vehicles that I thought were I mean. 

They really grabbed my attention.

One, in particular, was the M-Five, and it’s the fastest car BMW makes.

I like having whatever IST thing.

It depends on your personality type, and what you enjoy, but you get to not shame yourself.

You get to enjoy what you enjoy.

So I like being unique, and I love having something not everybody has.

And I love something beautifully designed, et cetera, et cetera.

It hit all the bells.

It ticked off all the boxes for me.

Bells and whistles were going off.

So instead of deciding it was outside of my price range, I decided to go sit in it.

And ask lots of questions about it.

And even though there was componentry on it.

That was above and beyond what I ever understood before.

I could operate things separately, like the chassis and how it felt, and different aspects of the drive. 

And I could take it on a racetrack and race it.

So even though that was going on there were some of the attributes of the car.

That I probably wouldn’t be engaging with ever or right away. 

I loved the design and the feel, and I loved that I felt worth it.

I felt worthy.

I loved the idea of it coming to me.

And so I played in that arena, and it’s still not the X-Five I discovered is bigger.

And it will be more in keeping with what I need.

But there’s a part of me right now who understands that if I treat myself to something. 

That seems impractical and I lavish in that abundance, which is good for me, too.

That opens me to other really big things.

So you see the process I’m going through here, and I’m constantly telling you a story so you can apply it. 

And think about it in a way for yourself.

So if you’re listening to the coaching and you’re hearing me just tell stories. 

Then I want to challenge you to step in and take the analogies and apply them.

So what have you been looking at?

What have you been feeling?

Has your attention been drawn to it?

And what have you been doing with that?

Have you been allowing it to be open?

Have you been closing it?

Or what feelings do you have coming up around even your desire to have that thing or be or do that thing?

And then what’s the next step you can take?

You don’t need to go into all that if you’re open to just asking yourself, what is the next step for you?

What is the next baby step you can take?

Okay, so get busy.

Have some fun.

Jump into play on this, and more coaching is coming.

Have a beautiful day.