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There’s a certain amount of play that’s going on as you step into a new area.

Or there’s a certain amount of trust.

I like to play there.

Because you have these four different kinds of operating systems also that are present within you.

There’s the analyzer that wants the details.

There’s the promoter or the fun, the part of you that likes to get caught up in the energy and play.

There’s a part of you that cares deeply and supports others and is very emotionally connected.

And then there’s the controlling part of you or the doer.

These four aspects are within each of us.

Some of them are more dominant.

You’ll have one that’s the major that’s the most compelling and dominant in you, and you’ll have a secondary.

But each quadrant is there, each style is there.

So when you go into filling in the details by creating a plan.

That’s your analyzer getting taken care of and getting satisfied when you go into vision.

That’s the part of you that likes play and freedom.

That gets to step forward in trust and play and doesn’t always need to know the details.

When you take care of yourself through the process and others.

You’re honoring that part of you that cares deeply and is heart-connected.

And when you do these things, when you start accomplishing, you’re honoring the doer.

So you get to care for each part of yourself in this process.

And know that there are times when you’re not going to know everything.

And you get to set yourself up for success and also know that it’s a natural part.

And I’m to the point where I would encourage you and I do this.

And when I get into that uncertainty.

I get excited because I know something really good is coming.

So as you continue moving forward now in your quarter and your goals for the year.

Just remember that.

Remember that when you get into this transitional time.

Where you’re not quite sure what’s going to happen next.

Remember to think about the different aspects of your being.

And what each aspect needs to feel alive and secure.

All right, have a beautiful day.