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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

Ways of being, characteristic ways of operating, how do you show up?

Are you shy?

Are you closed?

Are you open?

Are you curious?

Are you resourceful?

In what instances are you this or that?

When you go into a new situation, are you still bringing the characteristics?

The ways of being that are going to get you the very experiences.

That you’re wishing for, wanting for envisioning?

For me, this is a complicated understanding.

It’s complicated terminology.

It’s a little confusing to me.

And it’s why I think I talk about it so much and go into great detail to explain it.

Ways of being.

You’re being happy, you’re being sad, you’re being creative, you’re being playful, you’re being collaborative.


So when I’m talking about ways of being, you can say that to yourself.

I’m being this, I’m being that.

To step into those understandings.

So recently, my goals have been big again this year.

Why not?

So my goal, if I’m to step into a half million dollars this year, is something that blows the doors off of anything.

I’ve created before, what ways of being I’m thinking about do I get to embody?

Well, somebody who’s creating on that kind of a level, who’s got multiple businesses.

I’ve got a good size coaching program.

I’m engaging with clients, supporting them, and stepping forward. 

And succeeding, getting past their boundaries, perceived boundaries, and barriers.

I get to be resourceful.

I get to be curious.

I get to be connected.

I get to be focused within my land project.

I get to be open.

I get to be a learner.

So I get to be industrious, open, and impossible.

Also, to create that kind of income, you might think that maybe it’s superficial.

But the income represents things I’m creating.

So I believe in flow, and I believe that when you’re creating something of value, resources, and energy should flow.

A lot of people define money as energy anyway.

So if you’ve got a lot of energy flowing around you.

There should be money there, and we can create whatever reality we want.

I want money in my reality right now.

I’ve had many years where money wasn’t abundant in my reality, and I’m not interested in that this year.

I’m interested in creating flow because that to me, feels fun.

So who do I get to be to create this massive flow?

Well, I’m somebody who likes to kind of fly by the seat of my pants.

So being attentive to my calendar and the things that I set out to do daily are going to be important.

A person who generates half a million dollars a year gets to be in rigor.

I’m not going to be daydreaming three days a week or taking Monday through Friday days and not doing any work.

So I get to be in rigor every day of the week.

And I also get to have play worked into my calendar so that I’m not punishing myself.

So as you’re stepping into this bigger version of yourself. 

That’s creating this goal or set of goals, by the end of the year.

I want you to spend some real time putting yourself in the ways of being.

Now, today, I really worked on being rigorous, because somebody who’s creating that kind of flow is rigorous.

Somebody who’s in the mix has a lot of things going on, is organized, not dropping the ball on details.

Those are things that aren’t as easy for me.

I’m not bad at those things.

But there are things that I get to step up into attention to detail, attention to my calendar, attention to what I commit to.

So I’m really connected to it and truly committed.

And I’ve got it in my calendar, and I’ve made space for it.

And that includes my time to go relax and have quiet, as well as time to be social with people.

So that’s my coaching today for you.

You’re stepping into and embodying the characteristics that are going to align you with your goals for this year.

What do you get to do?

Who do you get to be?

What characteristics get to show up?

And get honed that you haven’t used before or that you have, and you get to take them to another level.

And I’d love for you.

Your homework is to come up with these answers and post them in your Voxer.

Or if you’re not posting in a Voxer, if you’re level two, you get to post in the Facebook community.

And be bold there.

Posting these items will support you in really articulating them.

And stating them so that you’re committed to them.

Have a beautiful day.