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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

As we think about the way that we get to show up to create what we want and what we envision.

As you work towards documenting how you’re doing, keeping track and auditing.

How you’re doing each week.

I want you to start thinking about it, these terms.

Did you do what you set out to do today?

If you did, what did you embody?

What ways of operation did you embody?

What ways of being did you embody to succeed at getting the things done today that you wished?

If you didn’t, what is missing?

What ways of being do you get to add tomorrow that will support you in the completion of what you want to get done?

And if you didn’t, what was more important?

What was more important than stepping into doing the things, getting the things done?

Being in a way that you carried out what you want to accomplish?

You can see how everything is intricately woven for someone who’s not highly organized.

Sometimes I like to be in the wind.

This can feel a little punishing, but it’s not.

It’s meant to give you the structure.

There’s a part of you that craves the structure.

It’s a part of you that analyzes things.

So we’re giving that part of you structure and then you get to schedule in some playtime for yourself.

So that social part of you, that part of you that loves to be whimsical, gets opportunities through the day to be whimsical.

But back to what I’m speaking about here.

Tomorrow, I’m going to have your report, and you can start it today and you can do it anytime.

Depending on when you’re listening to this audio.

When you’re working on your week your day or your quarter.

Or your year, we’re going to take it all the way back to the day in the morning.

What are you working towards?

What are the three major things that are going to take you and make this day that’s never going to happen again, that’s never happened before?

A productive day for you, a satisfying day for you.

What are the three things that you’re going to do?

That are going to take you towards the fruition of your goal so you get to think about that.

In what ways of operating, and ways of being do you get to embody to create that today?

So if you’re used to not being attentive to your schedule and then the schedule gets away from you.

And then you don’t get these things done that you want to.

And these days keep repeating themselves, the way of being that you’re going to be exhibiting to help support this.

The improvement of this is you’re going to be attentive to detail.

You’re going to be committed to what you said.

You’re going to declare and be committed.

So if by the end of the day, you didn’t complete the things that you set out to complete and the whole day is done.

What was missing from your ways of being?

What characteristics, what operating system style did you leave out and will you add for tomorrow?

So we’re going to start to take this deeper and analyze it.

But it’ll get easier and easier for you, but it supports you in being accountable.

So I want you to think about at the end of each day, first of all, in the morning, declaring what you’re going to get done.

And even the night before, sitting down with your push journal.

Or another journal that you have and creating an organization for your day.

All this stuff can get bigger.

It can go back to the week.

You can look at it on Sunday or Saturday night, what is your week going to look like, or use Sunday to be the organizational day.

And then at the end of the week, you can analyze this.

And at the end of each day, you can analyze this.

But we’re taking it from a year, we’ve taken it into a quarter, we’ve taken it into the month.

Now we’re taking it into the week and the days where you get to be really connected to all the elements.

That is going to take you to your goal, the completion, the fruition, and the satisfaction of the goal.

So today we’re talking about adding your understanding.

And observance of how you’re conducting yourself throughout the day to either succeed or not succeed.

And how you can tweak that from day to day.

Have a beautiful day.

And sending you love.