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Hey, this is Anne with your SpiritRiver Coaching on the Go.

It’s sometimes hard to pinpoint a mindset, but it is basically what I work on with you in this community.

Constantly creating a mindset where you follow through.

Where you have the freedom to pursue your dreams, your visions, your hunches. 

That you take seriously, the indications that you get and that you actually take action. 

And inspire action on your ideas.

You are in a realm of constant communication.

That’s why it’s so important to be meditating and using the tools. 

And whatever you want to call that realm, that’s yours to choose, I call that realm.

When I was younger, we were taught about God.

But before I was even really cognizant of being taught about God, we were up camping in the woods. 

And I could feel God, I could feel creation, I could feel the energy.

If someone didn’t tell you what that was, what would you say it is?

So we’ve all been raised in our families, in our cultures, in our circles where what is that called?

And so I consider that that’s a spiritual energy.

And I personally don’t even like labeling it.

It’s there, it’s omnipresent.It’s omnipotent.

It’s so felt and felt by me, especially in the last, let’s say 15 years.

I really feel always connected to this energy.

The reason I’m talking about this is that mindset, my mindset is connected to being aware. 

And engaging with everything around me, whether it’s my beliefs, it’s things that I’m resistant to, things that I can step through.

My mindset is a key element in how I interact with the quantum field, with the energy field around me that takes things beyond me.

My creation really stepped up when I was a little kid.

I was a massive creator then, learning to follow rules, and figuring out how things operate.

You start to adopt the things around you that other people are doing.

It’s like a natural part of learning.

You’re looking and you’re seeing what’s available, and you’re engaging with that.

And sometimes in the course of that, you get hurt or you start to lose your resilience. 

And your natural confidence in the natural, creative process that you were born to be doing.

So as an adult, you work on how to get that mindset back, how to get that momentum back.

How to get your confidence back, how to function in your authenticity if you hadn’t started to decide to play smaller.

So it’s a little elusive even describing the mindset and how it works.

But I want you to really engulf yourself in just thinking about what it is today, what is a mindset because it touches on many, many elements.

My mindset right now is completely set in that anything I can create, anything, that anything is possible.

That if I can’t figure it out or I feel stuck, there’s always a solution, and I’ll keep moving forward.

But this is my opportunity to learn something new.

I don’t quit anymore.

I used to have a mindset that wasn’t as strong as it is now.

So I would drop the ball on things.

I would even later realize I left something and wonder why I did that or why I didn’t follow through.

Right now, my mindset set is one of unstoppable, and I’m still working on strengthening it because at times I still get in the weeds.

We talked about the creative process and how the creative process itself.

As you expand into a bigger incarnation of yourself, it’s very natural to come up against you’re in new territory.

Although even when you’re in new territory.

I discover that the same old habits come up to protect.

So in the last couple of days, I’ve been working on doing a new thing. 

That I’ve never done before, some procrastination pops up, some perfectionism pops up, some sidetracking. 

And doing things because I’m uncomfortable.

And I recognize those now as things that I use.

That part of me uses it when I’m getting out of my comfort zone and I’m stepping into another level.

So my mindset is I continue forward. 

I don’t stop.

I’ve quit things.

In the past, I’ve stopped things, and I’ve justified that I don’t do it anymore.

And you can always find a justification.

But what do you want?

Once you develop the kind of mindset where you continue forging on, you figure out a way.

It’s like if there was food in a certain spot and you were really hungry and you needed the food, you’d continue to figure out a way to get over the food.

So I know that what I want is something I can have.

I know it’s something that I can create.

So I continue to look at the situation and figure out what path I need to take to navigate and continue moving.

But I don’t stop.

I don’t quit.

My mindset is powerful, and it’s tenacious.

So look at your mindset today. 

What way do you operate?

Just take notes on it.

Be curious about it.

Step outside of yourself and take notes on when you pull back when you stop.

And when you move forward, what do you do, what is your overarching direction, and how are you operating?

Because we’re going to dig into it this week further and further.

Have a beautiful day.