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Hey, this is Anne with your SpiritRiver Coaching on the Go.

Lately, I have found myself flooded with incredible opportunities for learning. And growing information

workshops, people putting on challenges, and high-level coaches.

Who I really admire, putting challenges, and a wealth of information at my fingertips.

Sometimes I feel like I have so many things outside of my own business.

To do that I can hardly find the time when I’m going to create my money-making activities.

So today’s coaching is about the balance and stepping up into it so that you can start practicing.

You’re on the runway for your next thing.

You know what the next thing is.

You’ve got it fairly mapped out.

You’re navigating along the way, feeling the hunches, taking ideas, considering those, and following them.

But also, you need time to be relaxed.

You need some downtime so you can listen.

You also need to constantly get to constantly being investing in yourself.

You get to constantly be invested and invest in your own expansion and learning.

So when these magnificent opportunities come up, like a challenge, a mentor, or somebody is doing an

incredible workshop.

And these are always it seems like they’re always free, and then you can upgrade those to become a VIP.

And typically, what I suggest to you is to become a VIP.

Because when you do that, then you have the materials from those courses that you can kind of create a

library with.

And you can go back whenever you want, like our SpiritRiver library.

So what I do is I still have a beautiful calendar.

I have things mapped out in that calendar.

And then sometimes some incredible opportunities for learning pop right into the middle of those days.

So you have got to decide how you can get all that done.

I suggest stepping up into it and figuring that out, because, like I said, it’s the runway to your next level.

And it seems like whenever we’re in the process of getting to the next level, we get kind of bombarded.

And from my experience, that bombardment, it’s preparing you so that you can figure it out and get it


And then it becomes easy again.

And it’s preparing you for that next level so that you’ve got your stuff.


You’ve got your calendar organized, you’ve got your time organized.

And then you’re selecting what you’re going to participate in.

Based on if it’s going to be supporting your direction, the direction that you want for yourself.

So instead of getting overwhelmed, feeling overwhelmed.

I want to challenge you to lean in and figure out how you can do everything you want.

So those VIPs that I get that I picked up I just picked up the grant cardone VIP was 997.

It was packed, absolutely packed with incredible information.

They’re going to make that into a $3,000 class.

A lot of times when you go VIP and you get something early, you also get an incredible value.

So what did I do last week?

I had my own content and my own work to do.

Plus a number of challenges that people I really respect were putting on with incredible content.

So I wiped, I showed up when I could, and then when I went to the gym to work out.

I took that material with me and I threw in my airpods and I studied while I was on the elliptical.

I take this information in so that I’m maximizing my time.

You can do whatever sounds best for you.

And in fact, let me know what works best for you.

When you are needing to, really wanting, getting to really maximize your time.

So you still have quiet downtime, you have productivity time.

Where you’re doing money-making activities, and then you’re also having time to invest in yourself.

It’s possible to do all of it, and I always suggest to lean in and do that so that it tones you up.

So when you get to the next level, you’re prepared for it.

You can’t get to the next level by functioning at the same speed.

In the same ways that you always have been, and that got you to this level.

So in the next couple of weeks here, last week.

Or the last couple of days, we talked about mindset and staying focused.

Now I’m talking about how to stay focused and in relation to all the things.

That is coming up that you get to do that is laced in your calendar.

And those are surprises and that would be very valuable to your development.

So you’re wanting to make room for all and still have a life where you have peaceful, quiet times where you

can hear your direction.

You can create and emphasize that interplay between you and spirit, you and the quantum field.

You and that god force.

All right, sending you love.

Let me know.

Throw it on the Facebook page or put it in your Voxer.

What are you doing to step up to the next level?

So it’s not chaotic and so you’re just more and more efficient.

All right, Sending you love.