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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.
So today I’m magnifying what was talked about yesterday.
I talked about what if you were able to significantly shift one thing per month in your life?
If you are an achiever, you would have a dozen things that you’ve shifted by the end of the year.
Or did by the end of the year.
So what I want you to really start focusing on is.
No matter where we are in the month, this is how I want you to really step forward from here on.
Looking at your overarching vision for the year and we broke it up into pieces.
Like, what are you going to do in a quarter?
What are you going to do in a month?
What will you be doing in a week?
What does it look like?
And then on top of that,how can you still navigate possibility?
Because if you’re thinking something and it’s not really going to work out.
And there’s a better solution that presents itself.
How can you be flexible at the same time that you’re goal driven?
And then what thing this month?
If you pick a month at a time.
At the beginning of the month, what is the thing that will move the needle for you?
It could be shifting a behavior that you don’t get up well in the morning.
Or that that even starts the night before.
So when I don’t have my act together, when I go to sleep at night.
When I wake up in the morning, my day begins in a disheveled manner.
So my interest in starting the day really fresh.
And starting it without stress.
And starting it peacefully so I can really hear the direction.
That striving took me into ending the day in a different way.
So my ending, if I am really on track and it doesn’t always happen.
If I am really on track, I’m taking a look at my calendar the night before in the evening.
I’m mapping out the calendar.
If I didn’t do it before that time.
I’m looking at it, I’m looking at my phone calendar.
I’m transferring that onto my paper planner.
You might be using sheets that are time driven sheets.
You might have created your ideal week and you might be comparing it.
But regardless, taking inventory of the next day.
And then having some time for meditation at the end of the day when all the devices are off.
Time for some reading or time for some quiet.
Time for a peaceful ending to the day in meditation.
That is what has come from me wanting to make better use of my time during the day.
So here I am with a vision towards a big financial goal this year.
And some major shifts in business.
And what am I focused on?
Well, this month I’m drilling down into the efficiency of a day.
So I’m giving you some ideas about what that looks like for me.
So I can really set myself up for success.
And then what happens if I don’t start the day in a way that’s really productive.
And maybe the day is off kilter so that I don’t lose the day.
Or throw in the towel and the whole day is a wash.
So what is it for you?
What one thing can help move the needle?
And it might be a particular aspect of your overarching vision, or it might be a behavior.
It might be a habit.
It might be a way you get frustrated.
It might be a way that you waste time.
It might be a way that you think about your goal and your vision and what you’re doing each day.
So what I want to focus on is monthly calling yourself forward and picking the one thing.
That you believe will move the needle the furthest for you that month and focus on it.
So it can be anything.
It can be anything at all that’s going to move your life forward.
And our goal is that you’re living a meaningful life.
And what does that mean?
You’re proud of your life.
You love your life.
It’s not just a bunch of things to do during the day.
So today I want you to think about the very next thing that you get to do.
That will move the needle for you this month or this coming month.
You can look at how you did this month.
How you’ve been doing in the past.
But I really want you to start fresh at the month.
And then I want you to keep this going from now on.
Because I’m incorporating this into my program that you’re in.
So that you’re making significant shifts throughout the year.
Have a beautiful day.
I’m looking forward to hearing about your one thing.
The one thing you’re choosing.