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Hey this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go. What if you were able to discover each month what is keeping you from getting to the next level? What is the major thing? What if you were able to work on that month by month, and at the end of the year, you had a dozen, even 6 if you didn’t get a dozen, things that you majorly shifted? It could be within your inner structure of how you operate, it could be the way you handle things, it could be how you work with your calendar. What is the thing that’s holding you back, you feel like? What is your next-level expansion? What would be the most valuable for you in a next level-expansion? For me in the last two months it’s been how I work in my calendar, even how I think about it. I’ve taken the last two entire months to really drill down into what my biggest issue was that was keeping me from the next level and it was my engagement with time, my efficiency and my calendar.

What is it for you? Today I want you to make a list of the things that you believe you need to shift, move forward on, master, become better at, to step into the vision that you’re envisioning for yourself, the next level you’re envisioning yourself.

So for me, the businesses that I’m engaging in and the levels of opportunities and presenting to people for me to get those completed and out to you I’ve got to really drill in and the processes that I engage in content with, the way I engage with my calendar, how I use my time, how I use my downtime, so that I feel like I have a flow. There are people in the world who do way more than me, way more than us, who aren’t overwhelmed by it, don’t feel overwhelmed, and handle it all.

So I’m personally looking into how I manage time everyday and how I manage my calendar, and I’ll go more into that on our next Coaching on the Go. But for you, what is it? And I want you to start by making a list of things. What are the top things or what are any of the thing that you notice, you know, where you get caught up and you drop the ball? Where you don’t get things done that you talked about? Where you don’t keep your word to yourself, or you make a commitment to something and you drop it? Make a list of what you think those are and then you’re going to pick the number one. The one that’s the biggest culprit that you engage with the most when you’re not moving forward on what you want in your life. What is it? It can be a way of being, it can be an actual thing or a process. You discover it, you put on your Sherlock Holmes gear, and you get curious.

I want you to report to me or into the Facebook page I’m going to put an entry in there asking you, what are the things, the biggest things right now that are keeping you from your next level? What do you think are the things that you have to work on or you get to master to get to the next level? And I will talk to you on the next Coaching on the Go and taking it a step further.