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21 Stepping Into An Inspiring Circle

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hi, it’s Anne with SpiritRiver Coaching on the Go. Yes, it’s been a couple of days since you heard from me. I’ve been in the throes of the Extraordinary Results event that I was putting on, and I’m finding the interview process with these really incredible speakers and thought leaders to be highly stimulating. I’ve been so engrossed in engaging in conversation with all of these speakers and it’s bringing the understanding of how important it is to share yourself outside of your normal community.

Reach out to people who are doing the kinds of things that you love to do or that you admire and engage with those people, whether it’s online engagement or it’s writing them an email or contacting them, if you have contact numbers. A great way to elevate yourself is to engage yourself in the work of the people that you love and then contribute there. So I’m finding great rejuvenating energy in my own learning and projects, and I’m finding great inspiration as I talk to these other thought leaders, because we are all creating on a high level and it feels really natural to be engaging with the people who are doing what I’m doing in other areas.

It’s kind of like the great energy that you could have on a sports team, if you can think back to if you were ever on a team or in a group, where you were contributing as a group. And I know that when I played volleyball years ago, we ended up winning a state title, there was a synergy that happened as we worked together. The fun, the energy, it asked each of us to operate on a higher level. It almost catapulted us, propelled us to a higher level, and I’m finding that happening here.

So my coaching today for you would be to seek out people who are excelling in areas that you’re fascinated with or doing work in, and surround yourself with those great people and have your energy propel them, and their energy help propel you. Even back in the Impressionist era, that I used to teach in high school art classes, we would find a good many artists of the time who became very successful all hanging out together, and writers and musicians. These creative people were hanging around with other creative people because it’s super stimulating.

The assignment I have for you today is if you’ve been sitting passively and listening to this coaching for a while now, go into the Facebook page and post something that you’ve either learned from the event that’s offered right now, or something that you’ve gotten from the coaching. I’d love to hear from you, so go into the SpiritRiver community or go into the Extraordinary Results, but pop into Facebook today and take the time to send me a note. Have a beautiful day, and until next time, love to you.