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What Do You Have That’s Unique

Sep 29, 2023 | Uncategorized

This is Anne with your Coaching On The Go.

What is your giftedness?

When you think about yourself and the aptitudes that you have, what do you possess?

What is within you that is unique?

What do you have to reveal and give that is unique to you?

The beauty of stepping into your authenticity is that there’s a vibration you give off that is so attractive.

Even when people don’t agree with a person who is being authentic, they respect the person and often get along with the person anyway.

It feels so good to be around someone who’s being themselves.

Have you experienced that?

I don’t know why it took me as long as it did, but perhaps people pleasing or wanting to look good or wanting to fit in or wanting to be part of a group without any resistance.

I thought I needed to adjust my behavior to accommodate.

Now what I realized in these last years of my life is that when you just get into the heart of who you are and you behave in a way that’s natural for you, things come easy.

Relationships form easily.

When you are adjusting yourself and not being authentic, the people around you also have to try and figure out who you are.

When you’re being authentic, there is a speed about the communication and trust that happens when you’re trying to adjust to please or to control how someone will respond to you based on what you think or what you suppose about how they might react.

There are so many things Askew when you are not being authentic because you’re moving the target all over the place.

You’re not even shooting at the target.

If somebody wants to get to know you and you’re not being authentic, you’re not shooting at your target.

How are they supposed to know who you are and if they’re a good fit for an interaction, a friendship or relationship, or a business partnership with you?

Today’s coaching is about the power and the value of being authentic.

Years ago, Stephen Covey, who wrote “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People”, came out with a book called “The Speed of Trust”.

It deals with this particular thing, authenticity, keeping your word, and having integrity with self and how everything around you aligns with that communication.

There is a speed about it.

The quantum field is responding to you in that same way when you’re sending out wishy-washy signals where you keep adjusting how you behave and who you are, and you’re not certain about who you are.

How can the quantum field, Godforce, send you the accurate things that will match who you are?

When you’re giving off the vibes of someone you’re not.

Today, take a look at where you decide you need to adjust yourself because you are thinking about what someone else might do or think or say, or how they might react and take the risk of truly being yourself in front of people in every situation.

Then if being yourself has some craziness involved in it, that gets to be adjusted because you’ve had some pain in the past and your default is occurring in a way that is hostile, upsetting, or triggered, jot that down, so that we can take care of those things and you can get back to your truest, authentic version of self.

Have a beautiful day.